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j the range
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Nov 14, 2014
Apr 20, 2009
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j the range

New Member, in liverpool

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Nov 14, 2014
    1. welshdragon
      Hi , I have my first land rover 1984 , would like to make new friends . weslhdragon .
    2. Mrs Bash
      Mrs Bash
      hi hunny hows u i back at joes tomos he fix vallet gasket as thats where leak from so replace other gaskets too i h=change mind on lamp gaurds taking them back to him tomos but got lovely set roof rails off him whilst there
    3. sensible
      Hello John
      Spoke to Joe today he thinks the rings have gone. He said heads off drop the sump new rings and bearings 1 full day £1000 all in.Im going to arrange it for early May and stay with my mate in Liverpool. Ill let you know when it happens if you still want to met up for that beer or two
    4. sensible
      Hello John
      I spoke to Emmotts and told him I had a half engine come up my way,but many thanks mate.
      Could I just pick your brain if I can?
      Im burning a lot of oil at the moment and a smell of oil in the car NO3 plug is well balck with oil would you say value seals or would you say the piston rings?
      When I say a lot of oil I recently done a oil change and was lucky to get about 200 miles before it went below the min level
      Thanks in advance
      Kev (sensible)
    5. rozzizrangi
      Hello 'J' you kindly helped me in the Summer, Rozzi from Norfolk, near Kings Lynn. I still have my P38 LPG/Unleaded. 4.6. All has been well until last Tues... I went to put LPG in there was none at the pump. Went to put Unleaded in on the next pump, drove fwd put £30 in then could not start the car. I had to call Nat Breakdown who put the car on a low loader and took it to a 'Landy Chappie' (Church Farm Landrovers.. on the net). Picked the car up on Friday after they fitted a new fuel pump. I drove home 6 miles then later went to start the car. It would not go, nothing happened. I put the battery on charge (disconnected fronm the car) put it back on still nothing. It will lock and unlock on the fob, tried the EKC, still nothing. All the windows not set messages are coming up but no sound at all from the engine, not even a 'click'. Could you help. Thank you again Roz.
    6. pappymason
      Hello J the range i have just realized you helped me out with info wayback in july09 you put me onto overlander in bootle" hope you an your rangey are keeping well mate cheers
    7. Irishrover
      Hi "J"...hows it going???
      Sunny over here since Monday. Supposed to stay that way until Saturday. Getting the boat tommorow evening (20.55), gets into Holyhead round 00.15.
      Hope the weather holds out over there for a few weeks !!!
      All the best
    8. rozzizrangi
      Hello 'J' I just thought I would say Hi. I still have the 'Alarm Fault' prob on my P38 but stuck the 2 x 1p on the bonnet sensor spot and that cured the 'Bonnet' message. Irish rover kindly gave me loads of advice re taking the Becm off but I am a little worried to do it myself. I have just had a message fron Rangiegal re a company that does RR P38's in Norwich. Nearly finished teaching so I will book it in then. Taking the other guy to court now, have heard some scary stories about him since, swapping parts etc. I will keep you all posted about my car and hopefully what the fault is. Have a good summer. Bws R.
    9. paulc2521
      sorry mot passed mot 3 weeks ago!!
    10. paulc2521
      hi j - hows things? see claws been givin u some stick!! just wonderin - b4 i go the fleabay route- if u knew anyone who b intersted in me rangy, past mot 3 months ago taxed till oct couple of niggles with it - its gotta go tho workin out of jag in speke now to fkn heavy on diesel
      cheers paul
    11. rozzizrangi
      Hi 'J'
      Just to let you know,
      Irishrover has asked for details of the Becm, I just need to find it on the car!
      I think I might need to find a trustworthy mechanic in Norfolk to help. It would be useful in the future anyway. Do you think I should put a mesage out on the Forum or it there a part of the site that recommends companies?
      Have a good day. We are going off to the Mud pluggers off road day at Bircham Newton. Just to watch though. R : )
      Thanks again.
    12. rozzizrangi
      Hi 'J'
      Thank you for your kind help earlier. Irish rover has contacted me, I have msg'd back but still waiting for reply. Still no news is good news, I think. Will of course keep you informed.
    13. rozzizrangi
      Hi 'J'
      I have my car back at home now. The original fault is still on it (as per first post). Could you kindly tell me where the Bonnet switch is (apart from the bonnet!) Lt, Rt, front ,back what does it look like.
      I will try your remedy and then if no help will have to take it in somewhere I think.

      Thank you for your kind words of wisdom.


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