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Jan 16, 2017
Sep 25, 2008
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March 20
Rebel County, Ireland


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Jan 16, 2017
    1. maqh
      I initially fitted the metal throttle body and was having the above problem, so I thought the metal might be the problem so I put the old plastic one back. What do you think might be the issue? unfortunately, we dont have a freelander specialist here nor a diagnostic tool, only help is from this forum. thanxx if you could help out
    2. maqh
      I really need your advise, I have a freelander 1.8 series, year 1999 whose engine I just replaced with another used one after several HGFs. I have replaced Engine, Inlet Manifold, water tank and cap, all coolant pipes, sent radiator for cleaning, brown temperature sensor, modified thermostat. However I am getting the following problems/symptoms
      1. When Idle, the revolution sometimes stick on 2000rpm, I need to press the accelerator pedal, for it to go down to 1000 or less.
      2. The temperature gauge goes up to the red part before the fan starts and bring the temperature back to middle position
      3. I am getting quite high fuel consumption, would sometimes smell from exhaust.
      4. the lambda sensor is disconnected , my mechanic said dont need it since we dont use catalytic converter here (am from Mauritius)
      Note: I have a metal throttle body which came with the new inlet manifold that i didnt use, inlet manifold was for rover series.
    3. si-freelander
      hi freebiker like the motor. i have 02 plate hippo would please tell me were you got the bonnet budgle from was it a kit or is there a bonnet like that out there, if so were from. thanks si.
    4. marshal.freelander
      thats how there supposed to look. good pic. sounds like you have had some fun in your landy
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    March 20
    Rebel County, Ireland
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    2000 Freelander XEi 5Dr
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    Freelander monster truck!


    1969 2.25 Series 2 A
    2000 1.8K Freelander
    1979 1.8B MGB GT
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    2003 1.8K VVC MG ZR Express

    1993 Suzuki RF600R
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