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Mar 18, 2008
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    1. martinsimart
      Just wanted to say thank you for posting the advice on seized diff plugs. I was really struggling with the filler plug, then gave your 50:50 acetone/oil a go. I didn't hold out much hope but gave them a soaking and the next day it worked a treat. The drain plug looked really seized, but with a bit of a squeeze on a breaker bar even that loosened. Thanks!
      1. boguing
        Funny isn't it - they spend their lives with one end in oil - and still they get stuck.
        Mar 9, 2021
    2. boguing
    3. boguing
      It may be a V6, but is it four wheel drive?
    4. Chris meah
      Chris meah
      Hi it does fit the defender 110 as well as the 90 if your interested let me know
    5. boguing
      Richard, Hi.

      Haven't been on here for a while - did you sort yourself out?

      Got an acquaintance who gets it for me, and will ask for some more for myself. Let me know if you still need some.

    6. integerspin
      I was just looking for phosphoric acid in the area and I saw your
      post mentioning you had some. I wondered where you got it.
      I used to buy small bottles, to clean the rust from bike petrol tanks, from the
      Brockham chemist, but the people who own it now just count pills.
      I want it to polish some vintage bike crankcases, they are lovely and
      clean but a nasty blusih brown, and I think a dunk in Ph' acid will make
      them shine.
      cheers richard
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