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Dec 25, 2019
Aug 22, 2010
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July 3


Head's a shed, in Doncaster

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Dec 25, 2019
    1. Cavey_P38
      Hi Aaron

      your profile pic, what engine is that and did you do a thread on that rebuild cant find it must be me being thick
      Can you give me a steer on where to look.

      PS don't let people grind you down mate,just be you and do your thing. Which trust me is very impressive mate, the farm make and fabricate and fix a lot of stuff but your threads are inspiring given your limited location and resources.
      1. aaronmorris
        Hello Cavey,
        Don't know why I've only just seen this.
        Thanks for the kind comments, the engine is a 5.9 Cummins 6bt.
        I did do a build thread on it but all the pictures disappeared for some reason and I haven't put them back on.
        So it probably wont make sense if you read it anyway bud.
        Feb 17, 2016
    2. Al2O3
      Hi Aaron. No idea what a profile post is, but I can't find out how to send a PM anymore :)
      I read a post you put on not so long ago about putting '3 washers on one side of your bulkhead and none on the other', or something like that. Were you aiming for a particular dimension between the A and B posts?
    3. XRIZLAX
      At up cocker, pick her bonce, picked up a recon diff, my front has tons of backlash. Can you get diff out by undueing both swivel housings/chalis and pulling out a couple of inches ? Or do you have to pull the CV joint apart, cheers.
    4. XRIZLAX
      At up cocker, took Landy out tonight, everything seems OK, going to work in of tonight.
      Posted your end plate today, got a drop arm done, taking some more bits tonight.
    5. XRIZLAX
      At up, can't undo crank bolt, jammed up brakes low box fourth, can't get enough arc on the bar, even tried wedging breaker bar under chassis but starter can't undue it, any chance I can Bob up and borrow yours mate? Cheers.
    6. XRIZLAX
      At up Aaron, started n the landy, bit of bad news so far, turn the crank the fuel pump turns but rockers not moving.
      Can't get crank nut off, got to wait till our lass is up to try jumping on the brakes as I've not got the locking tool, bugger,lol
    7. XRIZLAX
      hi aaron, see you in the morning mate, 9 ish ok ?
    8. XRIZLAX
      Yt up cocker, everything go OK with the engine? Just thinking, how long does a belt swap take, if it goes smooth? Lol.
      Fancy a bash tomorrow?
    9. XRIZLAX
      I work nights but on Friday its 7:30 pm till 2:30 am. Yup been ****ing down all night. Let's kick it on the head mate, no point in getting drownd lol.
      Think this weather is in for next few days, see what next weekends like ?
      Cheers Arron.
    10. XRIZLAX
      No worries Arron, if the weather is absolutely **** I'll knock it in the ed lol. See you tomorrow mate.
    11. XRIZLAX
      hi aaron, hows things, ive got me kit for the cam belt swap, when are you available mate?
      iam free this weekend or next if your not busy, cheers.
    12. mick the builder
      mick the builder
      Hey Aaron, hows it going? Dont know how to do links but have a look at done deal.ie. and search landrover defender. Nice cummins powered 110. Completely rebuilt, sound familiar? E12000. Just thought the price would interest you.
    13. XRIZLAX
      ay up aaron, hows things? nah then, iam wanting to renew my cam belt on me 300tdi.
      iam also wanting to put a new rad on at the same time, but even though ive read up and watched loads of how to vids the thought of doing it myself fills me with fear lol. it shouldnt as ive just done my first head gasket, and so far things are fine, but i was wondering if you fancied giving me a hand?
      happy to get stuck in not just sit and watch.
    14. duane0001
    15. ashtrans

      I have a few 1.003 boxes if you still want one,


    16. Sambora8080
      Hi Aaron I'm wanting to paint my rear cross member on my 90. It's in very good condition so I just want to paint in while it's still on my landy with all the tow ball on etc. I simply just want it to look new and smart.

      What's the best paint to use bear in mind ill be doing it at home on the drive. I wondered whether buying hammerite smooth black spray paint tins?

      What do you think? I'd like to keep the colour the same as original if possible
    17. Jonnygearbox
      You have a message
    18. Dunk1302
      Hi Aaron - do you still have the set of Defender seats for sale? I'm REALLY interested, and I've got cash waiting.......


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    July 3
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    200tdi 90 currently getting a rebuild.
    And a shed load of parts :D
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    110 double cab
    Landrovers, Greenlaning