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mick the builder

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  • Howdo's Mick;)
    Still got the seats in mate and haven't had any probs:D
    Dunno if ye noticed or not, but ah had tae cut the "legs" down a bit as they weren't sittin' too high. Ye don't need the belts and stuff (well ah didn't) as the standard Defender ones were just fine.... although ye might need a longer lap belt for the middle seat!
    Mines sit slightly lower at the back end but haven't had any probs goin' any distance (a fair bit of Scotland, most of Cornwall and around France) comfiest things ever as far as ah'm (and mrs) is concerned.. a lot comfier than her car!!;):D:D
    Only other thing ah can think off just now is maybe change yer steering wheel for summit smaller?
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