L322 Window and Mirror weirdness

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Hi all, been away a while. I first joined many years ago when I had a 200 SWB tdi Disco and then a P38 Rangey, but haven't had another Landy for a few years. A few days ago, I bought an L322 Rangey (06 Reg, but I think it's a late registered <06 model, as still bears a remarkable resemblance to the P38 on the tailgate, etc.) Absolutely loving being back in a Rangey again, after a little flirt with an X5 about 8 years ago and then an imported Hilux Surf for several years. Anyway, on to the problem at hand... when I bought it, the windows would only work from their respective door switches, except the drivers door window, which didn't work at all... the mirrors wouldn't fold, or adjust and the disembark switch didn't work either on the drivers switch pack. I found a somewhat 'dodgy repair' in the fuse box (pic attached) from a previous owner, which was in one of the power mirror slots in the fuse box and after replacing that with a proper fuse, the switch pack started working again, sort of... now the drivers window works from the drivers door switch, as does disembark (When not suffering a suspension fault at least), mirror adjustment (drivers side only) and power mirror (drivers side only). So now, I have a rather odd situation, where disembark works, every window opens, including the drivers door, but only from the relevant switch on the door in question, the drivers mirror will fold and adjust, but the passenger mirror will not and yet, the reverse passenger mirror tilt works just fine. Any thoughts? Ideas? I do also have an issue with the steering wheel, both telescopic and tilt adjust do not work from the joystick and it keeps having a suspension fault 'Normal Ride Height Only', but I think the steering wheel adjustment is a burnt out motor (literally no movement, no noise when using the joystick) and the suspension I think is the compressor, as it works fine when cold, slows down when the car has been started a while and I get the 'vehicle is raising slowly' error on the dash, before getting the 'Normal Ride Height Only' error shortly after. I did find some corrosion in the drivers door loom connector, which I'm going to have another go at cleaning up, because I'm not convinced my first attempt did the job, I've checked all the fuses pertaining to windows, mirrors, steering wheel, etc. and all seem fine, now that the bodge job pictured below is fixed, just wondering if anyone has any other ideas as to what might cause the problem(s) I'm seeing, as ideas on what to check are always useful. I'm also going to have the delightful job of cutting up the dash to replace the blower motor at some point, as the noise it makes suggests to me that the bearing has gone on the hampster wheel and I'll need to figure out why the passenger heated seat and heated steering wheel works, but not the drivers heated seat... I picked the car up for £1k and knew about most of the issues, so this isn't buyers remorse, I just want to restore her to working status :) Cheers in advance for any suggestions.


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sounds like you have a lot to do, if someone has done that to a fuse, what else havent you found yet?
compressor likely needs a rebuild
drivers seat is likely dead elements which can be replaced
check for 12v to the steering wheel adjuster