Where are all my gears?

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Drove the bare-bones car out of the garage onto the drive for the first time after the rebuild. Brakes mostly ok, just need a bit of adjustment. Clutch feels OK – bit grippy but that’s to be expected.

Engine starts and idles fine but needs coaxing to get power at higher revs – it dies otherwise – think this is timing.

The big issue is the gearbox I rebuilt. Some of the time all the gears are there (1-4, R). But then they all disappear, to be replaced by a bit of a rattling noise. Bit more fiddling with the gearstick into/out-of gears and then they returned.

So there is something fundamentally wrong – I presume with the main gearbox, but still open to it being an issue elsewhere.

From what I can tell there is no inspection hatch into the main gearbox – is there any way to see what is going on in there?

I guess I should open the inspection hatch into the transfer case, to check that the issue is up stream.
You need this.........