swisstoe aka the toecutter is finally amongst you!!!

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Good evening ladies and gents''

i'm a down to earth Lancashire lad who's been building, breaking, buying and selling land rovers for the past
35 years.
My main quarry are series and defenders, I also buy the odd Disco as organ donors for my rebuilds.
I am currently coming to the end of year long restoration of my daily drive pre production wolf 90, one of four built for trials by the MOD but were never used or registered with them.
They were all given the EAC registration and sat in special vehicles yard for nine months until Torver Land rover opened for business in 1990.
Mine was bought by a nice gentleman who loved it for the first ten years covering 100,000 miles as his daily drive and maintained it religiously at Kentdale in Kendal...
I am therefore the second owner and used it as my main driver for the past eighteen years with the milage
now showing 320,000.
I will start a thread in members projects tomorrow for your delectation !
So thanks for having me and I hope to get along with most of you orrible little lot for the enjoyment and frustration of our addiction...

Good health


Welcome to the Loonyzone... great intro but need pics... here's mine...
When I finally get matriculated...will start a thread on equipment build...was at insurance company yesterday for other cars and they keep asking... classic car club I'm member of keep wanting to show frustrating here... but it's not
Yeah got the not sagging headliner but the puppies in a pillow duvet style so going to remove strip and spray with a complimentary colour

That's on the new P38 project not the 101 after I fit the rebuilt engine to my smart fortwo that's just arrived...and of course just bought a super MIG machine to finish Rover P6... and Lucy wants work done on house when I'm not making
I'd like to see your P6 Great car in its time, is it the 3.5 ?

It's a 2000tc first registered in 1968 LHD in Lisbon it's had a hard life but what do you expect on the roads here in the 60s/70s...our road was only tarmac 5yrs ago...and who in 1968 would order a grey LHD Rover P6 bearing in mind that until April 25th 1974 it was Salazar's party that ran the country..