Starter barrels.

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Jack Handle

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Hi Guys and Gals. I wouldn't normally bother you with my problems, but I am at the end of my tether.
I had to change from a diesel to a petrol engine, and I can't get it to fire up. I get a spark at the points, but when I try to turn it over nothing gets to the plugs. I have tried everything,. It can only be the starter barrel wires. So, will a diesel barrel start a petrol engine? Seeing as the diesel has no coil.
I have 2 brown wires on the double terminal. Going clockwise a red and white to the solenoid, then a white one to the fuse box
perhaps putting a feed direct to your coil+ from the battery and then turning the key will start it and confirm that you will have to buy the correct petrol switch which is different than the diesel one,
Atb and good luck.
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Thanks for the reply rynner, with any luck, it should be running tomorrow.
I just changed the wires on the barrel switch, and now have 12 Volts from the coil to the distributor. It was showing 0 Volts before when cranking the engine. I will let you know how it goes tomorrow.. Ta.