Series 3 109 2600cc

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Hi, I have a Series 3 109 2600cc built in the Blackheath Plant South Africa. It was originally supplied to the South African Air Force but doesn't appear to have a military chassis. There's none of the obvious signs like Square rear cross member, removable gearbox crossmemer and longer leaf shackles.
So I assume its a standard chassis, my question is were the South Afican chassis the same as UK ones as I need to replace some sections. The chassis number does come up as a standard 109 2600cc.
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any Piccies.

you could take a few measurements to confirm from the LR workshop manual chassis dimensions



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That’s a tidy landy, its Probably an easy weld repair with the bumper off cut out the bad and weld in a plate
Thanks Steve
She's got an amazing history, left the SA Air Force in 1993 and everything is documented since then, only been here for a year.
Whats your Landy?
Mines an 84 series 3, which I’ve had for maybe 15 years, I put a 200di in about 3 years ago and rebuilding the original 2286 now, I keep on refurbing bits over time with little improvements, makes it an enjoyable drive, the furthest I went was the NC500 about 4 years ago and most challenging was the Gatesgarth pass last month