Safari / Catflap Series 3 sides

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I'm not sure if I have cocked up here?
I have a series 3 station wagon with a full size rear door and very poor sliding side windows.
I spotted some 2nd hand cheap non sliding sides from a series 3 that I guess must of have had a catflap/tailgate type arrangement and bought them without thinking really (as I thought it would save me a job)

So the question is, will a full size door fit with catflap/tailgate sides... The full size door has a top hinge so the holes for that would be missing on those sides or is it just a case of drilling a couple of holes?? Or are they just not compatible?
The series three club used to do plastic runners for the side windows, not sure if they are still going?
I think rear door will fit no worries apart from hinge holes, might be some support/reinforcing needed for said hinges?