Power steering fluid

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I have owned my Td5 discovery two 10 years now and ever since purchase I have intended changing the power steering fluid. When looking online at the price and instruction videos have put it off until now. All the videos on youtube mention removing pipes turkey basters mess and fuss. Don't mention the price of the fluid.
Well you will be pleased to know the job has now been done and WOW! the difference in the amount of effort needed to turn the wheel. One finger job when stationary. The downside is I now have a surplus of 4 litres of Land Rover LR003401 PAS £10 each to anyone interested. Collect or you pay postage.
Hi, Funnily enough I've just attended to my fluid this week. What I do every 36,000 service is syphon out the resevoir and re-fill with roughly 1 ltr. This changes it over time and avoid having to bleed the system.
syphon out the resevoir and re-fill with roughly 1 ltr.
That works for the one chamber reservoir for PAS only but if it has the PAS/ACE reservoir it's capacity is only 0.5l which would not refresh the oil enough, mine is with ACE so i undid the return pipe and clogged rapidly the reservoir's port with a bung, directed down the return pipe into a 2l bottle and kept pooring untill 1,5l oil went in then clamped the pipe before the reservoir got low...if you move fast with the return pipe at the port very little fluid is lost and it's all new within.
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My one has the single cap reservoir and the inside is divided in two. Just drained the side under the cap and started the engine and the empty side refilled drained it again with the engine still running turned steering lock to lock. Result empty system and refilled. NICE!