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Series 3 Old Smokey - rotary rake: 0 - 1

Discussion in 'Series Land Rovers' started by Riggwelter, Jul 5, 2020.

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  1. Riggwelter

    Riggwelter Active Member

    Jul 21, 2016
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    Last year Old Smokey got treated to a stunning new engine (diesel). About a month after I picked it up from the wizards at GroundZero 4WD, I was happily chugging along a forest road when I bumped into a rotary rake. Well, I wasn't doing the bumping, but the rake did. Result? Not good at all.

    image0.jpeg image1.jpeg image2.jpeg

    Admittedly, Old Smokey couldn't win a beauty contest before the accident, but after said mishap, he wouldn't even qualify. So, less than 1000 kilometres later, Old Smokey was back at GroundZero 4WD... where Old he spent last winter in a corner of their barn. Come June 2020... and the skill of Rachael at the garage is apparent! Now waiting for the respray...

    IMG_20200703_094241.jpg IMG_20200703_152140.jpg
    Garage photos taken by GroundZero 4WD.
  2. Marmaduke

    Marmaduke Well-Known Member

    Feb 25, 2012
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    Near the land of 'Me Duck'
    Ker-ching ker-ching:eek:
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