Disco 4 (LR4) Oil Pump Cover

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Concerned !!. I am all ready to go for the (front) auxiliary & timing belt change, have all the replacement parts plus "special" tools; fan & timing kit.
Had a spanner thrown in the works this afternoon, " a bolt" that can knacker the oil pump.
Having a good look around I came across a great post by "Gstuart" ref a corner snapping off the pump cover. I think the car in question was a D3 2.7L, and the question, was the cover replaced as part of the job ?. Apparently post 2007 there was the problem with the cover.
I have a 2013 Discovery 4 sdv6 3.0L Diesel 306DT, and have been all over the LR manual in preparation; but no mention of having to replace the OilPump Cover.
I now know the tensioner is mounted on the pump cover, & can see the potential, I could see exceeding the tensioner torque setting be a factor, or was it or still is an ongoing fault.
I'm guessing the cover is just a cover and contains no oil? so changing it would not be a big deal if necessary; but the mention of "a bolt" knackering the pump sounds worrying.
Would really appreciate any help or advice and it would be very, very much appreciated,
Regards Miick
The pump will be ok on a 2013 engine. Only the pre 2007 pumps had an issue, but you can check yours is the strongest type, simply be looking at the pictures in the thread you saw by Gstuart.