My first Land Rover.... Hi all!

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Hi guys,

I’m a newbie here so please take it easy on me as I’m sure I’ll be asking some silly (asked 1million times) questions at times!... of course I’ll check the search engine first!, which is how I stumbled across this very helpful forum!
It has already identified and helped fix a few issues I’ve had with my new purchase already! :)
So here goes...!
I have a 2007 Freelander 2 Manual HSE diesel 2.2.
1 owner from new with Full Land Rover service history, and 86000 on the clock.
Being a slightly older model a went in expecting a few issues might crop up along the way!! As I own a 1969 Vw camper I thought it should be easier to maintain!!? Lol
So after owning it all of 2 weeks I’ve had the intermittent alarm bonnet issues and whooshing noise with slight judder and loss of power!.... thanks to this site I’m hoping I’ve now cured both... so thankyou.
I’ve also got a hold of a new condition genuine dog guard .... with no fittings!!?.... do the bracket thread came in helpful and that’s my next weekend job to fab something up.
The whooshing and loss of power ended up being the lower RHS Intercooler hose had came lose and neede cleaning pushing back on and tighten correctly... abw that’s cured!?
The alarm I’m aware is a common issue and need to replace the sensor on the bonnet latch (LHS)?!
So.... Thankyou and hope my next update is to be a positive one!
Thanks again .


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Thank you guys, been scanning the forum and getting my bearings.... Big forum this!!!, so much to look at and read!!! The missus can watch all the crap she likes now!!!? ;-) lol
Bit of fun on the way home from Cromer, the Freelander drove so well, egr valve blanking plate has made it smoother although fuel economy isn’t much different!?... might look at a remap for that?.. but want it done properly on a rolling road with accurate readings. Looking for fuel economy... with a few pony’s... who’s the best in east anglia?
I found your free downloads... awesome. :)
Is there an area on how too’s with video links?! Or home made fabrication section?
Love getting stuck in!!!.... keeps the bills down too!! Lol.
There's a technical archive secation at the top of the Freelander section. A lot of the how too's peeps have wrote'd are in the main Freelander section. Just a case of searchin.