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[How To]HDC (Hill Decent Control) Repair

Discussion in 'Archive' started by LandyXei, Jan 23, 2012.

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  1. LandyXei

    LandyXei New Member

    Jan 22, 2012
    Likes Received:
    Tiptree Essex
    Hi all I’m Very new here only registering yesterday
    Having bought my Freelander last week I have since found out the HDC Does not work so here’s a quick ‘how to’ to repair the faulty plug that’s renowned for failing

    Time: 40 Mins
    Tools: 2x Female Spade Terminal, Crimping tool, 6mm Wire, 7mm Socket
    Car used: 1999 Freelander Xei

    Firstly here’s a pic of the tools I used
    Start off removing the Gear knob and Gaiter
    As you can see from this picture the grey connector block as fallen apart and the pins have failed at the soldering point
    What I noticed is that a Female Spade Terminal fitted across both the pins inside the HDC Connector
    But as you can imagine a single connection would bridge the terminals and then the HDC would always be on so I cut two female terminals so they both angled the same thus still fitting but as two individual connections
    I then proceeded to add the 6mm wire perfect fit and kept the joints tight in the crimp
    Once I had done this I carefully fitted the new terminals into the connector block on the HDC unit
    Tested it on the car and refitted the HDC to the car
    All done and dusted and now my Freelander has fully functioning Hill Decent Control I hope this will help a few of you suffering with such problems
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