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Discussion in 'Other Stuff' started by GINGE, Mar 3, 2014.

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  1. GINGE

    GINGE Greenlane liker, bobble hat hater Events Planner

    Feb 7, 2011
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    Tamworth, staffs.
    Right then,

    I have 2 sofas a coffee table and some other small items for sale. We have too much furniture for the house and its only going to get smaller so its up for grabs.

    Details are as follows.

    First up is my wives favourite sofa :D Im happy about this as i hate it :D

    To be fair, its a very nice well built sofa with some very intricate stitching but i hate the colour :lol: I got it from a friend who bought a few and didn't have the room he thought he did. Its sat(completely covered, inside) in his storage unit for 5 years and we have only had it for just over a year. It seats 3 people.

    Its in Very good condition apart from.................But, theres always a but int there! (see pictures below)



    Its a Grafton/Fitzroy Grand sofa bought from Lee Longlands.

    There is a couple of minor blemishes:

    One on the rear(unseen when cushions are on)

    The other is on the left armrest and is literally 2 pulled fibres.

    We would like around £350 please

    Ok onto sofa number 2.

    This one is a sofa bed, from Lee Longlands also. I got it from my Grandparents who(as grandparents do) had it covered in plastic and a throw for the entire time they had it. Ive had it for just over a year also and i took the plastic off because it looked sh1t :lol:

    This one is in perfect condition, we have only used it 3 times i think for guests. And as far as I'm aware non of them wet the bed! The mattress is unstained and has always had a bottom sheet when used. there is no marks or stains on the sofa itself either.

    Pictures below:





    Would also like around £300 for this

    Last but not least a coffee table:




    Im gutted i have to get rid of this. :( Its solid Indian Pine according to the wife, no marks. This cost £200 brand new less than a year ago and its been covered and I've been yelled at if i put my feet on it so subsequently its in very good/mint condition

    Would like £130 please

    Basically the reason we've got to get rid of all this is because I've finally finished the front room and the sofas are too big. Ive had to shell out for a corner sofa and now the coffee table is just too big so we need a smaller one. :doh:

    Anyway there you go.

    Cheers for reading.
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