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freelander td4 m47r manual

Discussion in 'Technical Archive' started by bloem, Feb 2, 2016.

By bloem on Feb 2, 2016 at 7:33 AM
  1. bloem

    bloem Member

    Jan 12, 2016
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    robertson,western cape,south africa
    workshop manual rover 75 BMW47 td4 diesel 2.0
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Discussion in 'Technical Archive' started by bloem, Feb 2, 2016.

    1. blue beasty
      blue beasty

      Attached Files:

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    2. guineafowl21
      Hi Bloem,

      Did you get your problem sorted?

      Alles van die beste
    3. landyhaze
      Ooo, very interesting, the copy I downloaded seems to be a bit corrupt though, the titles are patchy.
    4. Skinny Mike
      Skinny Mike
      Try again, mine works fine. Mike
    5. landyhaze
      Nope, same thing happens. It is 99% all there, but all the figure text is messed up, the first one on p 5/78 the figure title below the engine is chopped and illegible. I have the same happening with the latest Adobe Reader installed on Win7.64 and my Win7.32 machine.
    6. fanie1981
      hay all my dt4 is giving me a hard time dont know whats wrong struggle to start then goes fine for a few km
      then mil comes on can feel loss of power through turbo then a few km later cuts out.if switch off for few seconds while going then on again fault goes away for few kms but gets worse after a few times then cuts out no starting after about 20 min starts again did do diagnostics but shown no error or code even with mil light on.

      jobs done so far
      drained all oil
      replace all filters,clean tank mounted pump,cleaned pressure sensor and cam sensor,bypassed egr and cleaned intake manifold also cleaned hhp pressure regalator
      any advice please?
    7. bloem
      hi there Fanie ,if you look on top of your tappet cover by the injectors there is a black oval shape box.if you open this you will see a filter ..it tends to clog with oil and ,,,,,,no power or lack of power with lots of smoke ,,,that happened to my td4 cleaned filter and bobs your uncle problem solved ..also check you fuel injectors if clogged/seized it will do the same .my td4 is now a crank no start due to fine metal from pumps that packed up and clogged the injectors ,
      sterkte waar in SA bly jy ..ek is in Robertson weskaap

      Attached Files:

    8. bloem
      my td 4 also cut out but after the third time crank no start due to the metal in the injectors it does not show with scan test any faults ,I got a Delphi tester and it shows on the rover 75 test that rail pressure low due to clogged injectors ,if this can help u cell +27 799 344 299 Robertson western cape SA
    9. Madmustang
      Pg 48 appears to be corrupt
    10. magpiepolish
      id change fuel pump mind did same intil cut out and died after changing the bulkhead pump inc new filter its perfect!
    11. Burntweenie
      Thanks for the upload, very handy.
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