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Freelander 1 TD4 2.0 Diesel Driveshaft

Discussion in 'Members Vehicles/Projects' started by c_figliola, Aug 4, 2020.

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  1. c_figliola

    c_figliola New Member

    Nov 24, 2019
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    D706775E-32E5-4CB4-9013-0CFD90E245DF.png FA2025A7-DF12-4DF3-97F0-4B13690921A0.png B520BB12-C7E6-4C8C-A14A-EC160F59227E.png Hi all

    okay so I’ve seen a few threads on here in regards to my issue but I need a definitive answer to if there’s a part issue here

    So I needed a new front RH driveshaft for my car. I purchased one via J&R. A lot of people had recommended them. I had a mobile Land Rover specialist come to fit the item however the part did not fit.

    I contacted the company who told me to take the ABS ring off. My mechanic refused to do this and alter the part. Let me also state that the part was down as a freelander 2 part...?? But they were convinced it fits the vehicle

    After several weeks on axel stands the mechanic returned and I had ordered a GKN that matched perfectly with the old shaft. But 5x the price.

    J&R are refusing to entitle my to a full refund ...

    is there anything anyone can advise in regards to this?
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