Engine oil series 3

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i use 20w50 mineral, i recently switched to 15w40; nothing to report as of yet. Funcitons the same.
just DOUBLE TRIPLE CHECK that its mineral, and not some half synthetic stuff; or debris from the inside of ur engine might loosen itsself and go on a little trip around ur engine.
Yes mineral. The synthetic stuff has a lot more friction modifiers, which is great for emissions, but it's generally too slippy for the old tech in these engines. It can also leak past the old style seals and cork gaskets etc. Plus, it's more expensive
What could happen if synthetic goes in as all my others use car (not land rovers) use it
I put Shell HX7 10- 40 in mine with the 200DI in, as it’s very similar engine as the 2286 can’t see it being a problem and would have benefits of keeping the internal engine bits cleaner