L322 air suspension valve

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Hi All ,
2003 td6 vogue 152,000 miles
Nice little motor but imhaving a problem ith the 8 mm air hose pipe from the rear pump to the air valve ,the oneunder the drivers door hidden in the chassis. This is theone that feeds the front left valves,rear left and right valves and is connected tothe tank and the air compressorpump. Pump runs and cuts out at about 11.5 bar ,the system tries to level but im getting massive height differences ,front left records 8.3 mm and the right records 73.5 mm. ? after about 15 minutes running ,the airpressure reads 11.5 on my autel reader then whoose the pipe from the air compressor to the valve blows out . Ive used anew piece of10 mm pipe and a connector and remade the connection but it still blowsout from the valve ? Is it possible to replace the "claw" on the inside ofthe 10 mm connection hole or will i have to force it out and tap a thread with a compression fitting ,or fit a new second hand valve and hope .
Any help,thoughts greatfully received . Oh btw i replaced all the seals on the valves about 2 months ago .
I knowi should re calibrate the height sensors (both ne on the front ) but how doesone re calibrate the sensors ?I tried using the rsw solutions but to no effect . Has anyone used the bmw inpa to dothis ?
thanks again