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02 Freelander Gearbox repair

Discussion in 'Technical Archive' started by Jrdinger, Aug 18, 2007.

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  1. moniq77

    moniq77 New Member

    Feb 7, 2008
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    hi. im new to this forum and read your post with great interest because my freelander has the same problem as yours. it shows F4 on dash as well as TC and hill descent warning lights together every time..
    like you did, i've changed the solenoids and the car was superb for a month but its gradually showing code more and more day be day..
    im now stuck and dont know what to do..
    has your problem came back or is it good till now?
    may be i really have to change the whole gear box...
  2. Jrdinger

    Jrdinger New Member

    Aug 17, 2007
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    N 36.062 W 96.023
    Sorry, but the solenoid swap out seemed to fix mine right up. I have put better than 10,000 miles on it since then without a shudder.

    I think the next step is to find out what is blowing them in the first place.

    Tell you what: I know a guy here in Tulsa that services Landys and i will ask him what he thinks. In the mean time, I will check the RAVE and try to help you out, if I can.

    Good luck, jrdinger
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