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Jan 30, 2016
Feb 24, 2009
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F.O.D, UK.


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Jan 30, 2016
    1. wingnut1
      Just read yout bit about your 300 edc tdi.
      You said you had problems with it reving , it seems to back off then pick up again.
      I have the same problem with mine.
      Did you ever sort it, if so what did you do please.
      You can contact me at, theoaf1@btinternet.com.
      Many thanks, Neil P-M.
    2. parts wanted
      parts wanted
      Cheers for reply, I will keep scratching my chin untill I decide to leave it alone.It does not seem to make much odds, just a bit of mess.Working on a series now which has even more worries! LOL.
    3. parts wanted
      parts wanted
      tom, back in 2009 you described an oil leak on your n/a diesel where the sump met the clutch housing and you were unsure if it was rear crank seal or sump gaskett. . I have same what was it with yours?
    4. Tig9619
      hi tom unfortunately there are no longer any legal lanes in the forest i dont think but people still drive them! Theres one from the chicken farm at st briavels which goes to bream. another out of st briavels below the church that comes out over the ford in mork, this goes up through the farm to stowe but the house above the farm will come out and throw bricks at you!. one from stowe down to redbrook. stow to newland a bit tight at the bottom though. whitecliff to newland and one from newland down to redbrook. Other than that theres plenty of ways into the forest! Wentwood is always good for a laugh with no gates at all you have a whole forest to play in and you will probably never get stopped! i never have and been going there for 6 years!
      do you know pete barnaby from st briavels he got a g reg 200tdi 90 with allisport intercooler. he knows a few places to go. he knows me i did his engine conversion and been green laning with him a few times.
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    F.O.D, UK.
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    1988 Land Rover 90 - 2.5 n/a
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    The one with the caterpillar tracks in LRW centre pages recently!