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Nov 26, 2018
Mar 1, 2008
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The Winchester Club - Englandshire
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Nov 26, 2018
    1. puffin1
      Hi Shifty , i like your Landy , what wheels have you got as i like the look of them . Thanks Puffin1
    2. pat murphy
      pat murphy
      cheers shifty i have since sorted it, i suspect that the people who fitted the turbo didnt change the rotator filter when they did the oil change.
      I changed the oil & filters yesterday 8 and a bit litres of fully synthetic & hey presto the popping noise has gone.
      Thanks anyway for your input
    3. jakobhulden
      I have a question and I think you are the man to ask.
      I´m changing the head gaskett on my td5 -99 and some say that it absolutly forbidden to use steel dowels. Is this correct or do you think that I should use steel dowels anyway?
      Best regards
      Jakob Huldén
    4. Davesmart
      Hi Shifty i was hoping you could help me, i have a w reg td5 discovery. the oil cooler failed resulting in the oil going into the water system i originally thought it was the head gasket so took it all apart and found nothing wrong. i have put a new head gasket on and replaced the oil cooler but cannot stop an oil leak to the chain tensioner. we've tried several copper washers and another tensioner but cannot stop it leaking. i bought a new copper oil washer yet the oil still leaks out between the washer and the tensioner. i have tried various washers and even annealed a copper one but cannot stop it leaking. any ideas anyone please
    5. kellydunnos
      Hey Shifty,
      I was reading an earlier article you had contributed to it was regarding identifying a td5 engine and in the article you mention fitting a 15p head to a 10p engine this is what I'm about to undertake and would appreciate any advice you can give me.
      regards kelly
    6. Fur Trapper
      Fur Trapper
      shifty you seem to be the man on lr defenders. live in usa moving to uk to take care of wifes mom and dad. the 03-05 defender 110 station wagon has my eye would like to chat about them,retired farmer 8ft of snow a yr. got a 05 f350 4x4 6.0 turbo desiel 175,000 miles luv the beast 20 mpg@ 70mph so i know alittle about diesels from farming. just not the td5 any help would be nice. my grand ma born in uk 1903 so going back no problem
    7. John.F
      ried that. Pulled it off and cleaned with switch cleaner. Made no difference.
    8. weeee man
      weeee man
      hi shifty
      hope you dont mind me messaging ya but im at witts end lol i have a 90 with 200tdi in and i have alot of oil coming out of the inlet manifold, i have checked turbo pipes both ends and they clean and breather fine. any ideas what this could be? would overfill cause this as it has been? Paul
    9. Phil131
      Hello shifty, sorry to bother you but after reading several blogs about Land rover and searching a solution for my problem at hand, i noticed you knew a lot about these cars and wondered maybe you could help me. I live in Honduras, Central America, own a 2002 Discovery TD5. Last week i noticed a rattling sound in my clutch when ever i pressured the clutch and was about to engage first gear. i took it to a mechanic and he told me all i needed to change was clutch release bearing. What do you suggest i do? just the bearing? or maybe the whole clutch kit? the problem i have is that getting the whole clutch kit here is really expensive because of shipping and taxes that have to be paid for things like that. I can get original land rover bearing without a problem. thank you for your time. best regards ,
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