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Jan 23, 2019 at 7:48 PM
Jun 30, 2008
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S.W. France.


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Jan 23, 2019 at 7:48 PM
    1. sharkey964
      Hi Andy,
      We are setting off from Perigueux (France).Probably 31st August or 1st September.We are planning to head for the Picos de Europa region just south west of Santander.We'll have a few days in that area,then head down to Portugal,to check out the Parque Nacional Penda Geres,Marao and Alvao.
      We also are running a 110 with roof tent.
      It would be cool to meet up for a day or two.....Or more.
      You can email us on kalujo24@yahoo.co.uk
      Are you driving down through France or sailing to Spain???
      Marc & Annette.
    2. Hixxxy
      Hi sharkey thanks for reply, we will probably make it up as we go, we're going from Plymouth on the 8th sept when are you going ?
      I'm running a defender with roof tent , how about you ?
    3. sharkey964
      Sound's like you've got thing's sorted over there Mike.That's great to hear.:-))
      Don't see Rob or the rest of those ****s.They have chosen to side with Karen & that Dutch #### Elroy.So they can go #### themselves.
      Rick aswell.....I believe in loyalty to freinds.They obviously dont.
      I'm off to Availles at the end of Feb with Jason & Manu's crew,so looking forward to that.Met a lovely lass from the Charante, so happy days on that front.
      I'm realy chuffed that your making a do,over there.
      How's the little un?
    4. lilman
      im doin good mate. How bout you? Still off roading at Robs? i bloody miss that. Say hi for me if youre round there again. Still got me old 200 but august will be the end of it. Time for a new one. Movin house in a couple of weeks. Will have a garage and gettin a mig welder this week. Time to start work on the disco.
    5. sharkey964
      Def isn't blue.It's green.....
      How you doin sweeny???
    6. lilman
      You occasionally pee in your trousers when offroading. Got it yet,?
    7. lilman
      Yep, i reckon we do. You have a def 90. Blue in colour.
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