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Nov 19, 2021
Jan 8, 2009
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November 19
Up north


Well-Known Member, Female, in Up north

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Nov 19, 2021
    1. 3.5 efi
    2. Vagrent
    3. tyre man dave
      tyre man dave
      hi minty.
      thanks for dropping cubby box round
      sorry to have missed you , all the best
      keep in touch
    4. *minty*
      you need to post a thread in the main forum, under the discovery section.
    5. Gus31
      Heyy.. anyone can help me? I´m looking for a side mouldings for a Discovery 300 tdi, anyones have ones to sell??
    6. ja1982
      hi was wondering whether u could help me? is a 200 tdi exhaust the same as a 300 tdi exhaust?
    7. Edd234
      Hi Minty, thaanks for the welcome. Edd
    8. Grit Valve
    9. Grit Valve
      Grit Valve
      Sh minty I want to start a humor poll about you and mints do ya mind?
    10. Grit Valve
      Grit Valve
      Knock knock you there
    11. 110Wannabe
      Hi, as a senior member what advice would you give - I want to buy a landy but not sure which one is best?
    12. Vagrent
      I just read the bit above the cat picture:( now I feel awful sorry:o
    13. muddy wheeler
      muddy wheeler
      Hi Mate
      Hope you all have a good trip
      Drive safely and dont forget to take some pics
    14. Rangie98
      Is it possible to blow up suspension on Range Rover Sport TDV6 late 2007 model without engine running?
    15. smallzoo
      Forgot to say... its £2250 which seems a bit steep
    16. smallzoo
      I have been looking for a 300 tdi, 7 seater,manual for ages without any luck. Trouble is my budget is limited to under £2k and the good ones have either gone or whats left is crap.

      I came across one on the for sale section of ladnyzone but its based in harbourne quite a distance from me so I wondered if you knew of someone who would have a quick look for me ( i'm certainly no expert )

      its a 95 and according to the owner

      ..going fot the mot on thursday so if there are any probs then it will show up then , its had a fair amount of money spent on it and mechanically its a sound buy , the guy who had it before me kept all the receipts and he had it serviced by the main dealer ( colliers ) regular , its had no previous welding ....the rear sills ( rear passenger door sills ) are good . and the cam belt was changed at 138,000 , i rang the guy who owned it before and checked


    17. mallorr
      Hi Minty, Thanks for the welcome. Malc.
    18. Beast o Bodmin
      Beast o Bodmin
      ...wots the matter mints beyond you...come on girl you is queen buiaaatccccciatch
    19. mike polly1
      mike polly1
      :confused:hi minty. i have a 1996 rr p38 and put a eka code 1515 to try and sort my sent locking problem out .and it did nothing except ball my car up.and now wont do anything.but found out the door catch was faulty so put another one in and got the proper eka from r r.so put that code in and nothing happens all it keeps doing is when i put the new code in and put the final turn to open all the doors and open the driver door the allarm keeps going off and on dash says engine imobilised.the indicator lights flash outside to say the code is going in but no light on the dash flashes as the code is going in .we did manage when taking the door handle off to snap a pice of from the back of the key barrol but managed to fix a pice of tin to it so the door can be locked would this be at fault as it still locks and opens the car ??? also we have done the window setting but still nothing please can you help thanks mate mike
    20. Mr Fleg
      Mr Fleg
      Minty, Just been searching for middlesbrough on the forums, you say you live not far from David Wheater, my sister lives a couple of doors away from his mam in skelton on the springfield estate. is that where you live? there are a few of us that go out laning if your interested, take the kids picnic etc. P.S i is not a stalker, only trying to be pleasant. lol
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    November 19
    Up north


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