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Jun 18, 2016
Jan 3, 2010
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Jun 18, 2016
    1. Ru55ell73
      i have an intermittent start fault with an 87 range rover efi automatic. it occurs after a heavy downpour- which, in edinburgh-will become almost every other day. i bought 2 weeks ago- and during the dry weather- it started with a singke turn of the key. however, the last few days has seen the rain come along, and now these starting problems. i remember i had a '91 240 estate 2.3i, which was very similiar in wet weather, until i changed the fuel pump relay- never had rainyday blues again afterwards. can anyone tell me where the relay switch is kept? and if it's easily accessible by a novice? or any other advice on tackling the problem d.i.y. style, many thanks & happy roving,
    2. joe1972
      Hi mate. Sorry to hear that....there's always somthing doin with LandRovers i guess. Jackys ribs aren't bad at the mo, got a check up next week, so fingers crossed.
      Took the green daily driver for a car wash today. Had about 5x illegals on the driverside step n theyve bent the bugger! sod it. Just fitted stronger steering rods to bobtail today (day off today) its running better now got the sensor replaced, but think the ebay spark plugs are a bit ****...which doesnt help!
    3. nick2303
      hey up m8... how ya doin... ya got engine sorted out?

      lost my rear mud flap and most of supporting metalwork to the tin worm... got new panels comin thurs.. gonna try fit fri aft as off to dalby forest on sat to find some lanes... r lass mite even come... hows the mrs's ribs doin?
    4. joe1972
      Some fun last sunday (9th jan 2011) at Tong...cheers Nick for rescuing me repeatedly, shortly after trying another much deeper one than this!
      [nomedia="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYwGF3xHvyg"]YouTube - Rangerover bobtail parkwood 4x4 tong water v8 range rover[/nomedia]
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    Joe1972, otherwise known as JoeFish

    Current Landy rides; blue/yellow 1990 RRC 3.9EFi modified bobtail, 1993 silver RRC 3.9EFi LPG Brooklands, & red 1991 RRC 3.9EFi
    Past Landy rides; black 1989 RRC 3.5EFi, green 1991 RRC 3.9EFi, green 1990 RRC 200TDi conversion
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