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Mar 11, 2013
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    1. Hoochman73
      dude you up for a group beer end off month?
    2. peter8315
      hi, would like the frame, how much you want, i am going away tomorrow for a week, so ill get in touch when i get back, cheers Pete
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      2. peter8315
        hi flat, back home now, so yes, ill go with that, how do you want me to pay you?
        Nov 2, 2015
      3. flat
        I will wrap it up and get a postage quote once I have weighed it then PayPal? Would you be alright if I post it wed or thur?
        I guess postage would be a tenner or so
        Nov 2, 2015
      4. peter8315
        yes do you want me to post £30 by paypal, would I need your email?
        Nov 3, 2015
    3. LVAD-DAVE
      Hi I am about to fit a steering protection bar just like yours. Can you send me or post pictures of the rear fixing points where fitted on your landy. Cheers Chris.
    4. NormanLaw
      Hi, I have bought a steering guard bar from eBay and expect it in the next day or so. Forgive my stupidity but is a 'spacer' a washer of sorts?
      Regards, Norman
    5. Coldstream69
      Do you have any idea where to get soft tops for the landie, yours looks in great condition, have you replaced it? Cheers Marc
    6. flat
      indeed. I am NEVER taking my dash out again lol, half the stuff stop working after took a while to find all the dry/grimy/poor connections lol where i unplugged everything!
    7. Dobbs
      Tell me about it, every time I peel that stuff away something stops working, utter PitA. :-)
    8. Dobbs
      Hello mate, just noticed from your profile picture that your sidelights and front indicators are upside down. Side lights underneath the indicators. :-)
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    Far away from you!!
    Current Landrover:
    1991 2.5NAD Ex-Mil soft top 90.
    Dream Landrover?:
    one of those mad ones with caterpillar tracks!!


    00KK53 - 1992 Truck Utility Light (Cargo) GS 12v. Formally of 11 Sigs Regt, HQ Royal School of Signals. Date in Service 1991, cast 2013.

    03ES07 - 1968 Sankey Narrow Track trailer. 4/5 Green Howard’s. Date in service 1968 and cast in 2003. (trailer now sold!)

    86KC44 - 1986 Sankey Wide Track trailer. 33 Engineer Regt EOD/221 Field ambulance/307 Field Ambulance. Date in service 1985 and cast in 1998