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Jan 19, 2017
Mar 12, 2012
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Jan 19, 2017
    1. ifloochies
      Already done that and still waiting for responses from the folks with discoveries.
      Thanks anyway mate, I appreciate the help.
      Have a good one....
    2. disco147
      I couldn't tell you, i'm sure the front ones would be ok but the airbag set up on the back could cause issues? I'd also be concerned about ratings etc... best ask in the discovery section
    3. ifloochies
      Hello mate,
      Hoping you can help me out with this one.
      Would just like to know if the road springs of the first generation
      discovery and that of the disco 2 are interchangeable. The springs on my
      disco 2 seem to have sagged over the years to the point that I have the
      axles touching the bump stops when going over some of those rather
      high speed bumps. A mate of mine is offering a set of springs from a first
      generation disco that he's in the process of breaking up now.
      I thought it wise to ask here before committing myself to the deal.
      Thanks in advance.
    4. disco147
      I'll be in a green 300tdi es... pretty much unmodified for now :(
    5. Vagrent
      ha ha, cool, I took my van up part of chalk pit lane:eek:
      Typical closing the only vehicular fun we can have:(
      I will be in a green 90 with an orange bonnet be nice to chat:D
    6. disco147
      Yea i've heard things about slindon, apparently there's somewhere over westbourne way (near emsworth) and also boxgrove! Chi hi mate, you? Yea see you tomorrow! I've not checked with local authorities but everyone round here says you can drive down chalk pit lane legally... done it a couple of times with no issues! Need to look up the green lanes round here but apparently a lot of them have been closed so most go over hampshire for green laning now :(
    7. Vagrent
      Is it slindon quarry where peeps take 4x4's?
    8. Vagrent
      Chi Hi or Luffa?
      Me old man lives there still, last time I visited was last summer I think:o
      Gotta go see me old man and me old mates.
      Will see you at Salisbury and when i pop down I will PM ya:D
      Can you drive legally down from the trundle?
    9. disco147
      Hi! How long ago was your last visit? Its same old Chichester to be honest! just a couple more estates in the last few years have popped up but it hasn't really affected the area apart from traffic! Where are you located now? If your coming down in a land rover send me a PM and perhaps we can see if any of the pay n play sites will be open!
    10. Vagrent
      I was born in Chichester, I grew up very near tangmere, how is the town? A visit to me old man is long over due:D
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    Chichester, West Sussex
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    2003 Defender td5