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chris mcc
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Mar 2, 2018
Nov 7, 2011
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chris mcc

Still fixing it!, in Denbigh

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Mar 2, 2018
    1. weimieman
      Love the picture of your Weimies :)

      As you can tell by my forum name (and Playstation/Xbox/Nintendo!) I love em too

    2. johns90
      Its well worth it. When the time comes if you want another pair of hands I will help. I have an engine crane as well. I had mine off the road for 2 months due to life getting in the way but I reckon 2-3 days graft and it would be done if you have all the bits there.
      Where abouts on the Wirral are you?
    3. johns90
      Hi chris.
      I finished the swop September October time and cant believe how easy it all went. The difference is great, lots of low gear speed now so I need to fit the disco transfer box to sort that. I managed to get the alloys to fit so looks nicer than the standards now.
      How did you get on?
    4. johns90
      Any news on the engine swop???? I`m hunting for the ever elusive discovery 200 right now
    5. LRDefender110
      Hey Chris,

      Nice, how you finding it? Not found anywhere really no, Wales is closest. Use to drive down forest tracks where permitted and was hoping to find some Green Lanes and fords etc. As far as I know, there isn't anywhere on the Wirral to drive off road or anything like that unless you own a field.

      Just be careful as mine was stolen from Wallasey in May!! :( I've not replaced it yet, but this is the reason I don't go on here as often anymore, and hence the delay in replying to you...

      Let me know if you do find anywhere, if I get another one soon, we'll have to meet up and find some trails.
    6. chris mcc
      chris mcc
      Hiya John, I picked the engine up yesturday. It went well thanks mate , the guy I bought it from hd an engine hoist so it went straight in the back of my 90 no probs. It filled the back tho with the gear box, transfer box an rads etc.
      Just got to fit it now haha. Well I've got to get it out the back first- I looked at hiring a hoist but they want £55 a day, gonna have to look at buying one second hand!!
    7. johns90
      how did collecting the engine go?
    8. johns90
      Where abouts are you? I might not be too far if you need a bigger hammer
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