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Brian S
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Jun 12, 2017
Nov 8, 2008
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Braintree, Essex

Brian S

Well-Known Member, in Braintree, Essex

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Jun 12, 2017
    1. Brian S
      Brian S
      Can you send me some details about the series inc pictures if you can.
    2. Brian S
      Brian S
      Hi. Series landys ain't my thing realy. Sorry.

      You should have no problem selling it though.


    3. russ.star
      Hey would you be interested in swap for s2a for the disco ? Misses hates driving the series so looks like going to have to go
    4. Brian S
      Brian S
      I do have a spare but mine isn't that good.

      It was playing up about 4 months ago but seemed to fix itself after a couple of huge holes were mended in the foot wells.

      I presumed it dried out and was ok but had brought one already.

      We went out last night and when driving slowly the check engine light keeps lighting and revs die to idle.

      I heard they can be fixed so will try that on mine and if ok will be happy to part with my spare. I paid a lot for it as they are rare so would be looking to get my cash back.

      An alternative is to buy my faulty one. I know that sounds like a crap idea but if someone's has completely given up at least mine is still usable, just doesn't like to go slow.
      Would be cheaper as well. ;)
    5. tired
      Hello mate,In your vast stores have you one of them throttle potentionaters (spelling) ..cheers Don
    6. Brian S
      Brian S
      Forgot to say,

      the ES alloys have 235 wide tyres and the Maxxis tyres are 205xR16
    7. Brian S
      Brian S
      Hello James

      I have 2 sets of Disco wheels and tyre's.

      The set from my current breaker are the silver 5 spoke alloys with Maxxis 751 Bravo tyres.

      There are 4 wheels and tyres all with very good, even tread, they don't look very old.

      I've googled them and these are very good AT tyres, not Budget tyres.

      Looking for £150 for the set of 4.

      I also have a set of ES alloys with Pirelli Scorpion Tyre's, again with excellent even tread. 4 on ES Grey alloys in good condition and a 5th on a silver ES Style rim in average condition.

      Looking for £250 the set of 5.

      Hope this helps.
    8. JW.2009
      Hi Brian, don't suppose you still have the alloys and tyres off the disco you were breaking do you? Just wondering what size the tyres are and how much you are looking for the tyres + wheels?

      Many thanks, James
    9. Brian S
      Brian S
      Join what?
      Landyzone isn't a club as such, more of a forum to speak to like minded people.
      Introduce yourself in the right section and start posting.
      If your from Essex then let us know a bit about you and some pics of your truck, plans for it etc....
      We are going out between Christmas and new year so keep an eye on Essex lanes for details.
      You never know, you might even get to join the Essex mud monkeys.
    10. jimmytd5
      hi brian im new so how do i join m8te
    11. Brian S
      Brian S
      Hi. I do still have it on the truck.
      its £100
    12. turbominij
      hi brian
      do you still have the transfer box ? if so how much ?
    13. Brian S
      Brian S
      Hello Nick
      No problem messaging me, that's what these forums are all about.
      Unfortunately one of the only things I cant do is Welding, the other is painting.
      If you have a couple of patches need doing then there are folks on here that would be glad to help, but I would offer some beer tokens as materials and time dont come free, but it would never cost as much as a garage would charge.
      If its mechanical bits then I can be more helpful.
      Introduce yourself in the right section, if you havn't already done so, and ask the question. Dont forget to tell them your location and if possble the extent of the welding needed.
      Welcome to the forum, Enjoy your new toy. They can be fraustrating but always worth it in the end.
    14. Black TD5 ES
      Black TD5 ES
      Hi Brian i hope you dont mind me messaging - i see you are local (essex) and have a knowledge of discoverys (i hope im right!) ive just bought one and need some help sorting it - happy to get my hands dirty but dont really know what im doing - i think the chassis may need some welding - can you help ? many thanks Nick
    15. wangie46
      Hi mate do you also have a no for mikey as he doesn't come on the forum that much?
    16. Dirtneewbie
      ello mate any good tonight?? bet you had more fun than i did landy turned out to be rust holding hands was so rotten so no landy again for me not good , you out laning tomorrow then? :)
    17. Brian S
      Brian S
      That's fine. Mikey will be here helping to bend my new brake lines to shape.
      I recon we should be back to mine about 10.30.
    18. Dirtneewbie
      ok mate no sugar for me on phone to mathew he wants come also
    19. Brian S
      Brian S
      Mmmmmmm. Should be good thanks. I've a well stocked garage as you will see and should cope with those bits quite easy.

      If you take sugar in your tea, I have run out though. Lol
    20. Dirtneewbie
      ok cool will do you need me to bring anything ?
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