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blue beasty
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Aug 18, 2019 at 9:43 PM
Jun 10, 2007
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August 24
fixing my landy...oh..and i teach and build a bit

blue beasty

Leaks an prone to bits dropping off, in Gloucestercotshirewolds

Global Moderator

Moved house, tired and don't know where anything is Sep 15, 2015

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viewing LZ - Live, Aug 18, 2019 at 9:43 PM
    1. griff2
      ok mate thats brill i dont mind waiting ,just did not want to loose everything on my other id ,thanks mate ,i will wait for a reply from them :-)
    2. griff2
      when the site updated it asked me to log back in ,but cant remember my password ,nore can i use the email addy i set the account up on , Ive had to open this account griff2494 just so i can try and contact a moderater on here to see if they can reset my old account which was under the user name griff2 , if you can help i can answer any questions needed to prove that griff2 is my account
      1. blue beasty
        blue beasty
        I'll pass this on to admin, they can reset your password but they're a little busy atm
        Jul 21, 2015
    3. kolodenko
      why did u fuk with my ad??
    4. livers
      Where is my LZ 10.5 thread? :)
    5. Conwell100
      Hi should I buy a freelander 2.0 diesel think is an xedi model ? Or am I in for problems please ? Thank you
    6. urena
      have you died
    7. discodrivercumbria
      where spirits thread gone! just come back in and it's gone,
    8. discodrivercumbria
      i have just posted a thread in landyzone rescue, please can you move it to anything goes?

    9. davcud
      hi when i try to upload pics to members rides it says cant do thats as a security token is missing ? can you help cheers

    10. DomsDefender
      Too much time on your hands you pal
    11. tyre man dave
      tyre man dave
      hi there,
      can you help me bud.
      don,t no what iv,e done. i can upload pic,s for when i,m selling.
      but can,t upload pics into my profile .how do i take block off. uploading pic,s
      any help please
      would be great
      many thanks
    12. disco dawson
      disco dawson
      Yes mate thats fine send me some info about the event and how many your thinking may turn out
    13. thecomblad
      hi im opening a new off roading course in northumberland can i put apost on about it and were do i post it
    14. urena
      your landys moved not in bus depo
    15. pussa13
      Blue, how do I post pics in my 90 add?
    16. Barbados
      Hey Blue, wondering if my Nick can be changed. used Barbados when Sandy Landy won't work. Anyway of changing it?
    17. Rhea07
      Not trying to sell here just wanted an idea of price as you see a lot more out there !
    18. urena
      dakar tyres are nice on here you and pikey goin to the sort out sunday brian
    19. MichaelSRoss
      Hello mate. Sorry if I seem thick, but I can't work out how to post a cry for some advice. I have owned a 300TDI Discovery for about five years now. Love it. Unhitched a trailer this afternoon having moved a couple of horses. When I drove off the steering seemed a bit odd. I drove gently on, (very quiet all but private lane) The symptoms are. If I have my foot on the accelerator, the car drives straight, no hands on the wheel, perfect. Take my foot off the gas pedal and it feels as though the rear, wants to overtake the front and I have to steer out of the nearside kerb. I am ignorant but old! Could the rear differential have gone?
    20. urena
      hi brian im going to buy the kingpin advantage tyres off ebay 4no £339 what you recon mud terains 265 75 16
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    August 24
    fixing my landy...oh..and i teach and build a bit
    Current Landrover:
    SIII '72 88" hardtop 200di
    SIIa'71 109 2a 200di..........Sold :(
    Sankey shaped pile of rust
    SIII '78 2.25 petrol Marshall body ambulance
    Dream Landrover?:
    Always fancied having a 101....fook knows why?
    Fixing my landy


    cake n. nutritional food group despite widespread lies to the contrary.
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