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blue beasty
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Sep 19, 2019 at 11:40 PM
Jun 10, 2007
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August 24
fixing my landy...oh..and i teach and build a bit

blue beasty

Leaks an prone to bits dropping off, in Gloucestercotshirewolds

Global Moderator

Moved house, tired and don't know where anything is Sep 15, 2015

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Sep 19, 2019 at 11:40 PM
    1. callmedazz
      thankyou for this link regards daryl
    2. callmedazz
      thankyou for putting me on link,regards daryl
      1. blue beasty likes this.
    3. Coffeelandy
      Boohoo I was just about to get to the bottom of his mysterious career too.!
    4. davcud
      Hi is it ok if me and the Mrs get some shirts printed from our guy with the landyzone logo on as we cant get the size we want off the site you use Thanks Denis
    5. Mark Piercy
      Mark Piercy
      hi there, how do I get myself on the map? thanks big guy.
      1. blue beasty
    6. IandiscoV8
      Hi, I know the 50 post rule for selling, could I ask permission to put my Discovery up for sale, I cannot afford to insure the V8 as im off to college, its up and running great, took some time and replaced a few parts, felt great getting it running well,
      Ta Ian
    7. teddywood1
      hi blue beasty can you tell me if it is time for my subscription as I lost my info
    8. Bluey89
      UPDATE I can't seem to post on most of the forums Inc freelander tech etc
    9. Bluey89
      Can't seem to post on the 'anything goes' forum. I'm using a mobile phone if that helps.
      Many thanks
      Luke H
    10. Bluey89
      Hi Blue Beasty.
      I've got a FL mirror but ordered the wrong replacement. Is like to make it available here to others but have a low post count as most of my queries have already been answered. Is there any way around this? It's packaged ready to go.
    11. Kaprovich
      Hello blue beasty, just joined am in Kenya. I have a leaky roof when it rains on my disco 2 Hse, what could be the possible causes?
    12. derwendolly
      Are you looking for raffle donations this year?
    13. Skinny Mike
      Skinny Mike
      Hello again. In the Freelander technical archive, there's a thread on discovery heater matrix. Don't think it's supposed to be there.
      1. blue beasty
        Apr 11, 2016
    14. Skinny Mike
      Skinny Mike
      Evening Beasty. A post has been put in introduce yourself, td4 2000rpm misfire. Can you move it to the Freelander forum please.
      1. blue beasty
        blue beasty
        Apr 1, 2016
      2. susan smith
        susan smith
        Could you move mine from there too please. Re HSE issues.
        Sue Smith
        Apr 1, 2016
    15. Mike Collinson
      Mike Collinson
      Hello, blue beasty! Me again!
      I'm trying to take your advice by removing my controversial posts, but I simply can't find how to delete them.
      Other posts of mine have a simple "Delete" button underneath, and I don't understand why my other posts cannot be deleted as easily.......
    16. Skinny Mike
      Skinny Mike
      Thank you sir. Your God like abilities continue to astound us mere mortals. Mike
    17. Skinny Mike
      Skinny Mike
      Morning Beasty. You just moved a thread to the Freelander technical archive about the m47 engine. But the link to the download has vanished. Could you have a look. Cheers mate. Mike
    18. pattheyank
      blue, i see you replied to my question but for some reason i cant open it,
    19. Castor
      Owdafuq does one send PM's these days BB?
    20. blue beasty
      blue beasty
      Moved house, tired and don't know where anything is
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    August 24
    fixing my landy...oh..and i teach and build a bit
    Current Landrover:
    SIII '72 88" hardtop 200di
    SIIa'71 109 2a 200di..........Sold :(
    Sankey shaped pile of rust
    SIII '78 2.25 petrol Marshall body ambulance
    Dream Landrover?:
    Always fancied having a 101....fook knows why?
    Fixing my landy


    cake n. nutritional food group despite widespread lies to the contrary.
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