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Nov 23, 2016
Aug 11, 2009
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Nov 1, 1978 (Age: 42)


Well-Known Member, 42, in blackpool

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Nov 23, 2016
    1. cowasaki

      I'm doing a build of a Defender and converting it into a cab at the same time.I'd be after another winch bumper;the same tree/rock sliders;light covers front and rear plus I'm after a roll cage like the one on my current defender but using proper roll cage grade pipe.It would need the bits to link it to the chassis and a hoop behind the cab window plus the triangulation struts leading out towards the back of the car.I'd also want the same 7 light fittings forward + 3 rear plus an arial.

      I know mine isn't something you orig made but is this something you could manage? Oh and none of it needs painting as I'll be getting them galv and painted with the new galv chassis.

      I've just had a look on Google for an exam and this is the closest I can find but I will give you a more detailed spec if you are interested Land Rover 110 Defender Crew Cab E :: 1 photo and 58 specs :: autoviva.com

    2. EdoubleD
      Hi Mate,

      You were tagged in a post earlier about custom 300tdi bumpers. I'd like to make an eqnuiry about building a rear bumper for a 300tdi with a dual swing away fitted. Is this something you can help with? If you can drop me a line abck and maybe we can have a chat on the phone. I wouldn't need the unit ready until about November so theres a bit of time! Thanks Edd
    3. 300tdistu
      Earflicker iv sent you a message to the phone number you pm'd me
    4. earflicker
      Hi mate, just wondering if I could come and get the tyres Friday. Cheers.
    5. Sunray-I40
      "Discopol" said that you might be able to help with this post of mine:

      Does anyone know anyone who can make bespoke defender bumpers - clive at Black sheep has stopped. Basically I want a military pattern bumper with centre recovery/trailer shunting slot but thicker steel, with inset fog lights and mesh guards, A bar with series style recovery eyes, and welded in hi lift jack points.

      Any help/advice/contact referrals will be appreciated! thanks
    6. cowasaki
    7. danny6801
      Happy birthday
    8. dawsondj01
      stu sent you a pm dude, after some bits from you. thanks,
    9. Demonbiker
      Hi the delivery co might need the gate code to access our yard pm me as its a unit on a farm, or give them my number just in case I'm out ! Cheers

      (Edited by Fanatic- as you do not know who is reading messages with access codes)
    10. 300tdistu
      Yep im back mate lol
    11. danny6801
      You back again stu did you have a nice holiday mate hahaha
    12. 300tdistu
      Northwest 4x4 use to be a good place. Till the banned all the members that had fun. I was 200tdistu.
      Pm me ur phone number and I will give you a call
      Best bring the challenge truck if you want to play out with us lol
    13. Mickor
      hi stu
      just browsing on landy zone and seen you are in blackpool just down the road from me,
      I am looking for other 4x4ers in the area who go green laning regularly,
      I am also a member of 'northwest4x4'n but there doesn't seem to be a lot going on over there,
      I arrange the odd trip up the lakes and I am in the process of doing a trip to wales
      but looking for other groups to go out with regularly'
      I drive a disco suspension lift insa turbo's road legal
      I also have a Whitbread challenge truck for playing in.
      if there is any space when you guys go out I would gladly tag along if that is ok with everyone.
      look forward to laning with some local lads soon
      cheers mick
    14. JohnLRV8
      Let's get some new paint on that 90 of yours haha
    15. danny6801
      Elo mate goin to pick my new gearbox up tommorow so should be ready for you and alex wen ever your free to do it. And did you get out laning at the weekend .
    16. whatty
      hi do you have any more pics of my disco that you could post please....
    17. whatty
      aright buddy do you want this 24 spline front axel if so how much are you offering for it..
    18. scoots
      did u get my pm mate if not my nu is 07412316009 thanks scott
    19. Roadkill77
    20. meanbean
      hello stu how you doing pal tht looks a beaast in the pic , what you got now , i just bought a jeep cherokee so we will soon see what it can handle ha ha , not sure what they are capable of but will let you know how i get along ,
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    Nov 1, 1978 (Age: 42)
    Current Landrover:
    my Land Rover Discovery 200TDI off Roader, has had a couple of modifications and battle scars!

    2Inch Brit Part Lift Springs
    Pro Comp es9000 Shock
    Heavy Duty dislocation cones
    Wading Kit
    CB Radio + Mp3 player
    front winch bumper
    265.80.16 insa turbo MT
    Dream Landrover?:
    Bowler wildcat and arang rover sport hse with 7 seats !!!!!
    my landrover and my 4 kids no time left for other things


    Likely to be a long, awkward job just seeing what's broke, let alone fixing it, especially if, as it sounds, i might have done.......:doh::doh:
    Td5 es Discovery
    300tdi discovery monster :D
    200tdi defender 90,bigger monster :p:D

    for land rover winch bumpers and light bars send me a pm

    roof racks, bonnet racks, rear bumper/steps, HD bumpers, winch bumpers, light bars, ground anchors, light guards and breather kits