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Apr 18, 2016
Jun 5, 2009
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Apr 18, 2016
    1. bjornebraten
      Hi Pal! Long time ago! No i drive a defender tdci. Happy new year!
      1. 2.0_hippo
        Hello mate,
        yes long time no speak !

        nice to see your new defender, looks good

        i now have a discovery 4 !
        Feb 2, 2016
    2. RangersRover
      Hi Hippo

      I am brand new to this forum and hoping a senior member can help me out to find my feet and start posting and searching for possible fixes

      I have an issue with my RR L322 3.0ltr TD6 and after heavy rain my remote central locking stopped working - I have changed the battery and checked the fuses and the central locking will work off the key manually but not with the fob - the tail gate sounds like its got waterlogged since the bad weather - I know I had to change my diversity amplier with my bmw 5 series which had the exact same problem but this is my first range rover so I guess I could use some help

      Cheers Ian
    3. guymerben
      Hi 2.0_Hippo,

      You could be the answer to my AUX problem.. Please let this be the case :-D

      Right I have a 2003 RR HSE TD6 AUTO with 6 CD changer.. could you please tell me how you managed to feed the AUX into your car using the CD changer without losing the functionality of the cd player.

      Wanna have a play with it as soon as possible

      This will help me big time!

      Cheers buddy
    4. Brian1948
      Hello where did you buy the facelift kit for the front of ur range rover
    5. porsche964
      Hi again

      Am looking to try and solve my cd sat nav failure and notice the power light is out on the sat nav, if as I suspect the cd and sat nav are linked failure of the sat nav unit may also take out the cd display, would you agree?
    6. 1992lse
      thank god there are no more facelifts available for L322. my brain couldnt cope lol
    7. 1992lse
      who done that conversion, looks amazing lol
    8. johnieloughnane
      Hi, I'm looking to replace my sat nav as its faulty, I know you can plug and play with the updated MK4 BMW DVD in the boot but can I also switch the head unit in the car to the BMW X5 one, as a friend has one and it would be much cheaper for me? Is it the same size/shape etc or would it not sit in the console correctly? Also do I need to remove half the dash to get it in? I noticed a post where you seem to have done something similar. My car is a 2003 vogue. Thanks
    9. Clearlybrietime
      Hi, sorry for hi-jacking the thread yesterday-I'm at my wits end and don't want to be met with a big suprise that I'm neither expecting, nor have the parts to fix!!
      I'm after some sage advice, again!

      What exactly is the issue with the existing washer bottle and pump? Is it just that it no longer fits with the new bumper in place? I'm just going for the 2006-2009 front end. And are the existing pumps no good with the new jets?

      Is there anything else you can think of that I'd need to look out for!?
      My parts list is:
      Complete front bumper incl. 4 pdc's, 2 fogs, washer jets and hose and two plastic brackets for either interior end of the bumper
      2006 bumper bar.
      Internal Bumper plastic
      Bi-xenon adaptive headlights(with new connectors) and top mounting brackets.
      Grill and side vents.
      No washer bottle or pump yet as I didn't realise, until yesterday,that I needed them!

      Sorry for being a torture! I would really appreciate any help you could give me!


    10. 1992lse
      got a new bumper lol
    11. 2.0_hippo
      yea just the upper arm now that we havent done (big ass one)

      thats all that we havent done
    12. 1992lse
      cant see what can be knocking then... need to get right under it with big bar. and a hammer.. cant be anything much, we have done the main bits
    13. 1992lse
      yep, they look good. you not changed that rod yet then?
    14. 1992lse
      you done those back lights yet?
    15. 1992lse
      oh really, i shall remember that ;-p
    16. 2.0_hippo
      some cheapo car wash :P hahaha
    17. 1992lse
      wow that looks clean. where did you get that done? lol
    18. 2.0_hippo
      Hoddesdon ! Only Down the road ! Greenlaning on the schedule me thinks lol
    19. 1992lse
      im in hertford. where are you?
    20. 1992lse
      morning, have you changed your air suzzy pump?
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