where are all the old 16" wheels for p38's

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i have 235/70/16 tyres on my rangie, i do not like the wheels(see pictures) but i do not want to change wheel size, everyone seems to be putting 18" or bigger on, what are they all doing with the old ones, i have looked on e-bay, but the only ones on there are either 1 off or classic or bigger ones
i need to change tyres soon and would love to be able to put them on decent wheels,
any suggestions?
parts range have a set on ebay, why not go for a set of 18 inch hurricanes?,cuz im not being funny but iv never seen a nice set of 16 inch p38 wheels.
ive got the same 16" wheels and hated the look of them, they dont do the p38 justice, i fitted 18" hurricanes and makes it look really good now. have to agree with stew.g, there isnt a nice set of 16" out there.
the main reason that i want to stick to the original size, wheel and tyre, is that when i first had the car, i had steering wander, when cold. i had everything to do with the steering renewed, from steering column all the way through to the last link in the wheels, each making a slight differance but not solving it. then some-one noticed that it had the wrong tyres on, they were something like 265/75 16,. put new 235/70 16 michelin synchromes on.problem solved
They are like my ones. Would let you have all five fo £60? Only thing is the centre caps are missing off one or too? They would have to be couried down to you unless your up my way at some time?
Sorry for jumping this thread but if anyone has any p38 rims of any description without tyres or with little tread left let me know please. I have 18's on mine but I really want some mud tyres so littler rims means littler money. 16's would be ideal I already have the nuts so rims only please.
Hi mate i have 4 16 inch in very good condition with good tyres on you can have them make me a offer im from doncaster