the p38 has got to go.

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hi all after fighting with the missus for 8 months about the rangie it has now got to go.
it has been overheating on and off for a couple of months have changed most things except for the rad and cap but to be honest i cant be bothered with it.
so its up for sale pm me if anyone's interested, its a 1999 4.0 se, cream leather, Harmon kardon system, engine rebuilt 6 months ago.
other than the intermittent overheating drives well.
make me an offer you may well get a cheap rangie...
i will add some pics sunday.
Gav i didnt install the liners just a second hand block that looked very good.
There's a load of overheated P38's (usually with "suspected head gasket" in the ad!) for sale at the moment and they're only worth breaking for spares with what they go for now :(

If its not slipped a liner I'd fix it...
it doesnt overheat all the time for example i still drive it to work daily(10 miles each way) and it dont usually overheat but every now and again it just goes up into the red and throws all the water out the expansion tank overflow.
is there a difinative way of finding out if it a liner issue.
heaters working fine, no oil/water mix and the coolant only comes out when it gets hot from the expansion tank overflow
Common fault on petrol P38's (I've had it) is the radiator. I had the same problem after I fitted a new engine a couple of years back due to a slipped liner. Bled the system, flushed the system-clean as a whistle and no air locks, changed the thermostat. Then was told it could very well be the rad. as it was common. I thought because the water was clean when flushed that I was o.k.
Anyway, bought a new radiator and problem went, and stayed away. Temp. gauge never goes from dead in the middle. I know full well it's hard to part with £160 when convinced that nothing APPEARS wrong, but that's P38's-always fly against logic!!
Might be late now but have same trouble did head gaskets lasted year tried miracle stuff in water ran it up went ok took it on road back and for to work for several days then she just brewed up. took heads off and found cracked liner. Need new engine.