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TDV6 engine system fault P062D

Discussion in 'TDV6/8' started by A4RON, Sep 15, 2011.

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  1. A4RON

    A4RON New Member

    Sep 15, 2011
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    hi, i have a 2006 land rover discovery 2.7 TDV6 with manual transmission..

    the cam belt has recently let go at 113k miles so i decided to change the engine.. which was a lot bigger job than i expected but its in and done.

    the only TDV6 engine i could get was from a 2009 jaguar xj with 36k.. its a twin turbo so i stripped the engine completely to a bare block which is identical to the landrover block and built it back up with all the bits from my original engine.. turbo, injectors, egr and pump etc.

    now when it was finished i primed the fuel a few times, checked everything over and gave it a go.. it started straight away and was running brilliant!!

    three injectors werent sealed properly but it was still running lovely.. it was running for about 30-40mins while i tidied up and topped coolant up etc.

    just as i was about to get in and give it a test run it developed a bad missfire on more than one cylinder (poss three!) so i switched it off.. it has never started since :(

    i have read the ecu with a snap-on solus and there were loads of code from when the cam belt went so i reset them and turned it over.. no start still but only got the code..

    P062D - Fuel Injector Driver Circuit Performance bank 1

    i cannot find any info about this code.. landrover are very unhelpful and no-one seems to be able to work with the TDV6 near me.. so far ive carried out all basic tests..

    -wiring, all plugged up, got fuel etc.
    -rail pressure is good about 40,000kpa
    -it will start with easy start
    -new injector copper washers
    -there is fuel pressure to injectors
    -injector leak off test

    it seems everything is good and working apart from there is nothing telling the injectors to open/close?? ive gone a far as taking the injector out and fitted it upside down out of the head.. when i turn it over everything is fine but the injector just doesnt fire!

    has anyone else ever seen this code or had a similar problem? sorry for such a long post but i wantg to provide all relevant info first off. any help will be greatly appreciated.. today im going to do the same on the other bank to see if any other injectors are firing (i ran out of light yesterday) as the code suggests 'bank 1' im thinking the problem is only on one side.

    thankyou for reading... A4RON.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2011
  2. ZippyIII

    ZippyIII Member

    Sep 6, 2009
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    I dont know the TDV6 but my TD5 did the same sort of thing, lumpy tickover sounded like it was missing then cut out. Fire up on easy start and cut out, I should have bought a code reader but ended up taking it to local garage who found 2 injectors had failed. This may be of some help.
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