RTA in my 2008 110 - Garage Advice in S.Birmingham Area?

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Hi all.

Used to be on here but my account seems to have gone the way of all things so decided to sign up again. Got a question regarding our current Defender (my first Puma engine after previously owning a 2.5l diesel, then a TD5).

My wife was recently involved in an RTA whilst driving my 110: as she was indicating off an island a car jumped the gun and smashed into the passenger side quarter. It was drivable at first but the officer who drove it out of the carriageway was only able to get it to the side of the road before all drive to the wheels stopped (I thought that the bodywork and under carriage that had bent onto the front wheel was stopping movement but I winched it all clear when the tow truck arrived and still no joy. You'll notice a nice traffic warden even left me a little something to come back to which we're also having to contest). The other driver declared 100% liability at the scene to us and the police (quite luckily an officer was passing at the time!) and at the moment the repair work is going through his insurers. I live in Solihull and have used Liveridge for my last two cars so I quoted their new business, Astwood 4x4, as my "preferred garage". Unfortunately it now appears that they're closed due to Coronovirus.

Could anyone recommend a good LR specialist, ideally in the South Birmingham area? If there's one a bit further afield I wouldn't rule them out, only the insurer's are pushing for something local-ish and, being disabled myself, a shorter journey would be good as I imagine they'll be a bit of back and forth.

To say I'm gutted is something of an understatement but I'm hoping to try and make lemonade out of these particular lemons and maybe take the opportunity to upgrade some parts whilst it's in.




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