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Roof Tent For Defender 110

Discussion in 'General Land Rover Forum' started by jake martin, Oct 6, 2016.

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  1. jake martin

    jake martin New Member

    Oct 6, 2016
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    Epping, Essex

    I am interested in buying a roof tent for my Defender 110. Ive been browsing and most of them are £1500-£2000
    £2K seems a hell of a lot for what is basically a fancy tent with some ladders.

    Has anyone bought one from Ventura? www.venturarooftents.com
    They seem more affordable at £750 and the specifications of their roof tents are the same as a Hannibal or howling moon.
    I have one of the Land Rover expedition roof racks

    Please enlighten me!

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  2. NiallRussell

    NiallRussell Active Member

    Dec 23, 2013
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    Dorset, UK
    I spent 6 months in a RTT. I would not advise ever spending the top whack rices for them as you've righly said it's JUST a tent on the roof. for 2k you could buy an amazing ground tent set up!! That being said there are obviously benefits and I'm sure you know what they are.

    I got my tent with the car when I bought it. The tent has no labels so I'm sure it was from one of the companies you can see on Alibaba or similar Chinese eBay type sites. Here's the things to look for, and I mean look for, GO AND SEE IT! If you can't make sure you can send it back. I believe most of the cheaper options come in bits and you have to put them together which could include drilling holes and sticking patches.

    1) FITTING. If there is a poor fit around a corner or fold you will be left desperately trying to close a persistent gap. Not a huge problem here, but I spent many night stuffing clothes to plug up sizeable holes where the material didn't quite close around a hing or something to try and keep the mosquitoes out.

    2) FLAPPING. My tent has surprised me with it's strength as I've had it up in some incredible winds, but the damn thing can flap about and when you're inside and a heavy cloth tent is flapping right next to your head you will not get any sleep. Is the material tight? Does the poles stretch out the fabric when it's put up?

    3) AIR. It will get damp under the mattress. In colder months more so. being able to air the whole thing is a must. Under the foam matress is where the water collects and big side panels that open up to let the air in are very very useful.

    4) STRAPS: The bag that goes over the whole thing when it's folded away will take a bashing, not least when you're driving along at the 120 MPH that we all know defenders do. There are straps that fold over and hold the bag down to stop it flapping it's self to death, my have all broken. I have purchessed thicker webbing and metal buckles and so far so much the better.

    I think thats about it. I have water proofed the material and that mad a great difference. I'm buying some under mattress air channeling material to help with condensation, and I have a way of setting it up / parking the car / trying everything down so that the flapping is reduced. I love my set up. I can defenetly see what you may get when you spend the big bucks, but I was happy with a bottom end of the market tent. In the end. Camping in the UK is always going to be wet, windy and cold.

    IMG_0728.JPG IMG_3238.JPG 10417557_10100464182379452_5865371546454956361_n.jpg 11149413_10100560798450072_503993183476399969_n.jpg 11169910_10100560798420132_7163301394305248387_n.jpg 11188473_10100560853170412_1877387643185620379_n.jpg
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  3. greyhair

    greyhair Well-Known Member

    Feb 2, 2014
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  4. bluehaze

    bluehaze Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2009
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    I'm on my second one. The first was a cheap import version. After two years of regular use I sold it due to the poor quality. My second one is an eezi awn that I got second hand; it is a fantastic piece of equipment. I'd recommend getting a good quality second hand one rather than a new cheaper model.
    Last edited: Oct 6, 2016
  5. Paul D

    Paul D Old, nackered 'n broke, but the Landy is fine . :) LZIR Despatch Agent

    Jun 3, 2007
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    Just a thought ...

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  6. Coffeelandy

    Coffeelandy Well-Known Member

    Jun 12, 2015
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    SE Cornwall (forgotten part!)
    I snagged a cheap Hannibal one for 700 quid off of my mate. It's amazing quality. I looked at the ventura ones and there is no comparison. Shop about and expect to pay up to 900 quid for a decent used Hannibal or such like.
    I get no condensation at all it's a dream to be in but does flap in wind and the zips tinkle on the side of the tent which drives me up the wall so I put some shrink wrap around them and that hit the spot.
    A really good Brit company are called Myway which I would have gone for because their Serengetti model comes with a downstairs bit too.
    Shop around Mate and avoid the rubbish cheap ones.
  7. mikegsxr

    mikegsxr Active Member

    Mar 5, 2006
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    Big bit of stirling board and £5 popup tent:)
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