Rear wheel bearings or diff

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Hi folks,

Is there a way to find out if the noice from rear is due to wheel bearings or diff? The car is a Freelander 1 -04 26000km and afaik the bearings are never replaced. I have the car jacked up at the moment trying to listen and recorded when spinning the wheels but doesnt getting any wiser.

I have done a "one wheel up" test and its 43s so the VCU is fine, any suggestions what to test?

Ears can deceive and noises tend to transmit down body and propshaft etc.

An easy check and a very likely cause is the VCU bearings.

Simply unbolt and support the VCU clear of body then spin them by hand on the prop.

Check for backlash (free play) in diff and also oil level and oil for metal particles.

Bearings show up usually if wheel is spun.
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Hi Andy

Thank you very much, The VCU was replaced 3 years ago and haven't driven much, bearings are GKN. I will check if I don't find anything else that's wrong.

Main suspect now is the diff :-(

I had MOT today so didn't want to mess with transmission before that, will check the VCU bearings in the weekend.
Now I have to focus on the lambda value which MOT didn't like :)