puma 110 - cranks, runs until you let the key back to neurtal

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Puma 110 '09.
I have been through a bunch of other threads in here - battery, fob, immobiliser etc. None work ;-(

My puma 'starts' when it is being cranked, but stops running the instant you come off the solenoid position of the switch. The fob seems to work OK - alarm goes on, off, lights flash 'as expected'.

I have been looking for a decent wiring diagram of the area and have not found anything that I can go "a ha" with. One diagram seems to suggest that the starter wont crank if the immobiliser is active/faulty, but lots of threads seem to imply that the engine will turn over. In my case the engine turns over and fires. I can drive it 10meters up hill with the engine giving the power!

Anyway I am stuck in a bad place and will need to tow myself out..

Does anyone have any clues - or a kind of functional chart of the ECU/Imobiliser/starter? If the immobiliser is armed, will the engine run while being cranked on the starter? I am not sure where best to start.

Thanks in advance
This might help (if the attachment works)
But is for the 2.2 puma so might be differences


  • Defender MY12 Electric Wiring Diagrams.pdf
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