Freelander 1 Please opinions, Ideas, fixes.....

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Hello to all.
I live happy with my 2004 HSE 129k

Its a lovely car, i just love it.

Now the problem

At 100k all the clutch was replaced 5 years ago (it wasnt mine at the time) at Land Rover .
its not a towing car and it was always a calm cuiser not fancy playing or off road.
Its a car with no strange noises or clunks or slip, nothing(besides drop links where even Lamforder last for 7/8 months)

9/10 months ago i started to feel that the gears were getting heavy , not short long the master clutch cylinder was gone, the pedal wnet straight to the floor stuck on 3rd gear.
That was replaced (LUK) and life was beautiful again .
3 months ago i started to notice the gears getting heavy again , i checked the cylinder and the oil level was down. So i add a bit of oil was good again.
Month went by and i had to add oil again , then it started to be every 3 weeks , than every week .
Notice everytime the oil was added its silk smooth.
So it went to a mechanic , i was convinced it was the pressure bearing. They checked and they told me the clutch was in perfect condition and no oil where the pressure bearing is ( if it was a fail the gearbox would be leaking and full of oil. never there was a leak or oil inside of the compartment.)
I was told it could be the master cylinder !???!! By luck i had another LUK one.
So it was replaced....
Now there is ( there was before) a dead point of pressure until there is pressur on the clutch pedal. When its cold it shakes a bit on take off , after being warm is smood silk. But i feel that sometimes thegear get heavy . I havent check the oil level im even scared to check it....

So what is going on???!!
Clutch is all good all components are perfect . New cylinder .
what happen to 1,5 ltr of oil i have added to the cylinder?
Why there is that dead gap on the pedal.
what is reason for all this?

Many thanks to you all

Sorry about the language.
The TD4 clutch is a strange beast. If there is a dead spot then we'll worth bleeding. There is a bleed nipple on a short pipe near where the clutch fluid pipe enters the gearbox. Bugger to get at.

Try that. If you are loosing fluid and not evident then it is collecting in the bellhousing and is likely a slave cylinder failure. Sadly that means gearbox out.

I have also read about Air locks and jamming clutch pedal down overnight to allow air to exit has worked.

Let us know how it goes.
Thats why its strange...There isnt any oil in the beelhousing they got inside there with a cam and there is no oil in it and no oil the breeders of the bellhousing. It was 1ltr and half i add in hte last months it should be filled with oil leaking it. But there is no oil.
I dont think they just replace the master cylinder they should have bleed it also....
As you say, 1.5L of oil must be going somewhere, surely that can't be replacing air.

Have you looked on the inside of the undertray to see evidence of where it might be escaping?
Yes all was checked the undertray is off. there is no evidence of oil. the engine is bone dry.
Thats the big mystery .
No oil inside our out.
The only `dirt` was a rubber boot that had a cut ...on the oposite side for the gearbox and it was replaced.
It doesn't drip out of the gearbox from what I have seen. Just a big black clutch dust sticky mess when you take the box out. The clutch dust tends to soak it up.
Idea !!

There is a seal immediately behind the clutch slave for the input shaft. If this has failed is the clutch fluid being pushed into the gearbox?? Level check perhaps.
When its cold it shakes a bit on take off , after being warm is smood silk.
Admittedly mine is a different engine, clutch and box being an L Series, but I have serious shaking/juddering in pulling away if I don't get the revs just right and lift the clutch at the right speed - not to fast or slow.

Gear changes are a bit "on or off" touch.

I'm not sure if this is just a worn clutch, it never slips, or as Andy says...
Just a big black clutch dust sticky mess when you take the box out. The clutch dust tends to soak it up.
But not from clutch fluid, but oil.

Being a PG1, it could also be the realease arm.

I've never changed the clutch, its almost certainly on its original.
I see what you guys mean .
This clutch has been changed 39k ago.
The mechanic show me the diferent parts of the gearbox where the oil could seat but there are always walls and they are sealed . There is not a chance for the fluid been pushed its to small ...and 1.5 ltrs inside would make the clutch slip.
This is really killing me. I dont even cant find the reason why the pedal is `loose`that portion of the course.