overheating rangie value?????

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I have finally had enough of the rangie and it has to go.

it has been overheating for a while and i have had enough but does anyone know what it is worth? it is a 1999 4.0 se.

I have just bought a 2006 RR sport supercharged and hopefully i will have better luck with it:D

What do you guys think i should sell it for? or if anyone is interested pm me.

My mate has a 2006 rr Sport supercharged he has now done 35000 miles and only had the rear tailgate latch problem , I had it for a weekend driving from Cambridge to the speed day at Goodwood and managed to get 23 to the gallon.

So good luck with the Sport, just wish i could afford one, i had the diesel V8 on demo and thats a lovely drive
Hi, Do you know how much you want for it, did you put a complete secondhand engine in it,or just the block, what have you tried to solve the problem, i assume it still drives but wouldnt get me to Yorkshire, so if i have to get it recovered my offer could to to low. Colin