Looking for help tracking down my late father in law's Series 3

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It's a massive long shot, but I have been trying for 2 years now to track down my late father in law's Series 3 Country Safari. Unfortunately after he passed, my mother in law had to sell it on as she couldn't drive it. I managed to track down the next owner who had also sold it on. It has now been registered as off the road since 2015. If it hasn't been stripped down for parts by now, my wife and I would love to track it down and get it back in the family as it holds huge sentimental value to her. The DVLA have been less than helpful and won't pass on any information at all. The information I have is the license plate which is KVJ 660Y. It is a 1982 Brown 88 inch Series 3 County Safari, engine number 36119577 model 88 4 CYL CNTY SW. It last changed hands in 2015 where it was MOTd before the sale and since then has no subsequent MOT or Tax and has been off the road.
Hello and welcome to LZ:)
unfortunately now with data protection you dont even get the info of the last owner on a log book:(

When you got in contact with the latest seller did he/she mention if it stayed local(ish)?

there must be some local LR or off road groups near you have you tried them?

Good luck:).