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L322 service

Discussion in 'Range Rover' started by bonnybrook, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. bonnybrook

    bonnybrook Active Member

    Jun 13, 2007
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    Considering getting an 03 L322 but wondering if these can be serviced by a regular garage?

    I appreciate these are a 40K plus cars and parts etc will be expensive but im reasonability handy and have an excellent local mechanic.

    Fuel/Tyres/insurance should be manageable and I only do around 5K a year.

    Is servicing similar to a D3?

    Cheers - intending to hand over the Freebe to the wife and this will be my new toy.
  2. WSLR

    WSLR New Member

    Dec 11, 2009
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    Wellington, Somerset, UK
    Use a Land Rover Independent. The L322 needs the correct lubricants and fluids, and access to the GTR TSB's on the vehicle.
  3. Bemble

    Bemble Well-Known Member

    Mar 5, 2009
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    There are three types of Service for the L322 :

    1) Oil Service
    2) Inspection 1
    3) Inspection 2

    and here’s what’s involved for each (I’ve left out the anti-corrosion checklist for brevity) :

    Oil Service

    • Reset the Service Interval indicator
    • Check operation of parking brake
    • Check operation of all lamps, horns and warning indicators
    • Check operation of front/rear wipers and washers and condition of wiper blades
    • Replace airbag SRS and seat belt pre-tensioners every 15 years

    • Remove road wheels
    • Check brake pads for wear, calipers for leaks and discs for condition
    • Grease wheel centre surfaces
    • Check tyre pressures and adjust if necessary
    • Check tyres for damage, condition and tread depth
    • Replace road wheels
    • Apply silicone spray to top edge of door seals

    • Check battery condition
    • Replace pollen filter
    • Check condition of ancillary drive belt
    • Check/top up brake, PAS and screen washer fluid levels
    • Replace brake fluid every 3 years
    • Check coolant level, change coolant every 4 years

    • Replace engine oil and filter
    • Check all powertrain components for fluid leaks
    • Renew petrol fuel filter every 150,000 miles

    • Road test vehicle
    • Endorse service record
    • Report any unusual features of the vehicle condition and additional work required

    Inspection 1

    Same as Oil Service but with these additional items :

    • Check condition and security of seats and seatbelts
    • Check steering components for security and wear
    • Check suspension fixings
    • Check brake, fuel, PAS and suspension pipes and connections for security, leakage, corrosion and possible chafing

    Inspection 2 (Petrol Derivatives)

    Same as Inspection 1 but with these two additional items :

    • Replace spark plugs
    • Replace air cleaner element

    There doesn’t seem to be too much there to challenge a reasonably competent DIY mechanic let alone a professional one. Service items really aren’t that expensive either.
  4. bonnybrook

    bonnybrook Active Member

    Jun 13, 2007
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    Thanks for that - all pretty basic service stuff and the service parts look pretty cheap from what I can see. Some of the bigger items, exhausts, compressors etc look pricey but that's to be expected. 18" Tyres prices etc seems similar able my Freelander 17" for top brands. I tend to prefer spending my money on parts than peoples time to fit them - must be the Yorkshire man!

    I found a diagnostic tool for resetting the ride height which seems to cause a lot of trips to the garage.

    I will look into it and see if I can find an nice example - I don't do many miles (<5000) so the MPG is of no great concern.
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