i need advice on air flow meter

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Not sure how much they are but they only take a couple of minutes to fit.
there are a few different types so make sure you get the right one.
I bought a pattern part for mine just under 2 yrs ago from Egay. Cost £35ish I recall and has been fine. I have also read a lot of different posts on here over that time which do not recommend the use of aftermarket AFMs.

Maybe I have been lucky but certainly saved a whole heap of cash compared to LR, and yes, tis a piece of **** to fit, 1 electrical connector, 2 spring clips and a jubilee clip. 5 mins max - and that includes finding the screwdriver.
I had 6 aftermarket AFM`s all from diffrent places and all diffrent prices, not one was any good. The car had a definate flat spot in the same place on all of the meters, i ended up getting a good 2nd hand original. Mine is a gems set up and the main dealers want £680.00 + vat for this part, i believe that for a thor the price is considerably less.
my car is bosch. thanks to all your info, but ended up putting in deals it cost me for airflow meter, new batt and sinc 300 pounds.
Just had a new air meter on my disco 2 today ,garage put it on computer and air meter not operating.New one was £79.00