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Hidden Menus / Functions - 2002 - 2005 (BMW engines)

Discussion in 'Technical Archive' started by charliedurrant, Oct 15, 2014.

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  1. charliedurrant

    charliedurrant Member

    Nov 27, 2011
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    Broadstairs, Kent, UK
    "I was kindly directed by Saint as to the ability to display hidden information for the car. There are a number of guides on the web but I thought I would write something with formatting and images" ​

    BMW Engined 2002-2005 Hidden Menus / Functions
    Instrument cluster menus
    The first set of hidden menus are displayed on the LCD (contained within the instrument cluster) below the rev counter and speedometer. ​
    They menus are by default locked and initially (and after battery disconnection) you have to unlock them. ​
    This is achieved by pressing the buttons on the instrument cluster (one of them is the one you use to reset the mile/km counter)​
    So, how to unlock the menus!​

    • Turn the Ignition key to 'off'.​
    • Press and hold the right button (as shown above) and turn the ignition key to the first position​
    • You will first see "Check Control OK", some seconds later you will see "Test Nr.01"
      Push the left button to see the car's identification number. Add the 5 right numbers (not 6) together and write down that number, you will need it for unlocking all the functions. For example: ​
    A123457 will lead to 2+3+4+5+7 = 21 (note 1 is not included in the sum)​

    • Push the right button until you see "Test Nr.19"​
    • Push left button until you see the number that is equal to the one you calculated above​
    • Push right button again​
    The menus are now unlocked:​

    • Turn the Ignition key to 'off'.​
    • Press and hold the right button and turn the ignition key to the first position.​
    • You will first see "Check Control OK", some seconds later you will see "Test Nr.01"​
    • Press the right button to cycle through the tests, then the left button to execute the test:​

    1. Display Car's identification number, HW/SW version, construction date​
    2. Instrument cluster self test. Will light up all lights and run all gauges​
    3. Current consumption (litres/hour)​
    4. Average consumption (litres/100 km)​
    5. Current range​
    6. Remaining fuel in tank. Three sets of numbers: A/B/C. C=total amount.​
    7. Engine RPM / Coolant Temp (C) ​
    8. Current Speed (kph)​
    9. System voltage at Term. "R" (Battery Voltage)​
    10. Country/Language (UK, US, Spa, Ger, Jap, etc.)​
    11. Units am/pm​
    12. Average Speed​
    13. ETA​
    14. Date of Software Mask​
    15. Production Diagnosis​
    16. ?​
    17. Display Vehicle Specific Data​
    18. Alarm Changeover (cont. vs. intermittent OBC chime)​
    19. Lock/Unlock​
    20. Correction factor for fuel consumption (nicht √§ndern!)​
    21. Reset all defect codes
    The tests that are particularly useful are:​
    7 - Coolant temp - this is the actual temp not what the gauge shows. The gauge will stay in the middle if the coolant temp is between 75oC and 113oC !​
    9 - System voltage​
    21 - Reset all defect codes - great if you have for example had some parts changed by a garage that have caused faults or the highly common Air Suspension Inactive warning.​
    References: ​
  2. Vedati800

    Vedati800 New Member

    Dec 30, 2014
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    Hello. Please help. This method wont work on my freelander 1 (facelift) td4 2005? Any help please.
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