Help needed for very good friend with a 90....

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But that local garage may have no interest in Landrovers and do not understand ours and just don't want the job.
Yep totally agree, happening more all the time, give a ridiculously high quote or won't work on a car over so many years old etc etc had a quote of £500 to change my lads brake lines :eek: by the local garage ( snowing and working nights otherwise I'd have done it myself) found a proper local garage that did it for just over £100
These are the people Potus was referring to, and yes they do chassis swaps / complete rebuilds. They also charge like a Rhino.
Ian used to work for them but is now on his own with much lower overheads and charges.

Sounds like you're spot on, this is what my mate said about them.

"They are in St Ive, about 5 to 6 miles from my house. They do lot of agricultural stuff (Tamar Tractors) as well as 4X4s
They also do LandRover restoration, chassis swaps, parts etc
The one I have found about them is that they are certainly not cheap though"
My mate has recamended this guy.
Simon Fitton, Lanro engineering, 01579 348926 if you want to ring him.
Primarily he builds 300Tdi and TD5 defenders on brand new galvanised chassis to sell on but would no doubt do a chassis swap. He is also pretty good at welding too.
Of all of the reactions I could have expected from the hardcore enthusiasts on Landyzone, with a dedicated LR damsel in distress, the silence is deafening!

Come on, prove you're not all a miserable bunch of nut polishers and help this good lady out!!
Been away on a canal boat, no internet. Even nut polishers are allowed to go on holiday int they? :rolleyes::rolleyes:
I do have a few suggestions, unless the lady has already sorted it out.
OP, pm me, I will send you some ideas! :)