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Give me a month

Discussion in 'Land Rovers For Sale' started by landowner, Apr 4, 2018.

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  1. landowner

    landowner Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2008
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    As no reasonable offers I have decided to hold on for a bit and tidy the Landy up with a few new bits and bobs and make her presentable for sale......

    Selling my 90, I know I've said this before but this time I must do it. Due to poor health and old age I cant see me looking after her as I should from now on, she needs some tlc at the moment and a good home (no offroaders)
    She passed mot recently, I just called in as I was passing, no preparation at all and she flew through.
    I thought the best thing was to let someone on here have the 90 knowing that it's a cracking landy, wouldn't want some one to buy it, spend a bit of time on it then sell for huge profit, I want someone to enjoy the work I've done over the years and benefit from it.
    So if you're looking for an old 90 then message me for full details
    It's the one in my profile 1990 Land Rover 90 with 200tdi, R380, galv chassis and thousands spent on it in new parts over last few years.
    Going to give it a few weeks and see what offers I get for the old girl then she can go to the highest bidder as long as they are suitable to have her lol

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    Last edited: May 9, 2018
  2. mark stansfield

    mark stansfield Active Member

    Oct 20, 2016
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    How do I message you?

    All the best

  3. danny6801

    danny6801 Well-Known Member

    Sep 19, 2012
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    North Wales
    I can back Pete up on all of the work done on that 90 really is a cracker if you can put up with everything being blue hahahaha lol.
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  4. landowner

    landowner Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2008
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    Think I've messaged you
  5. landowner

    landowner Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2008
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    I'll put some pictures of chassis and engine on later but here's some more information

    1990 Land Rover. 90

    MOT till 9th Feb 2019 Galvanised chassis 200 TDi R380 box , all good tyres with new Good Year spare

    Never been off road as far as I know, definitely not since full restoration.

    It started life as a support vehicle down the west country somewhere and wasn't registered until 1997, it was painted dayglow red and yellow so maybe on an airfield or something. Seen in a film on TV with two lady detectives, dont know what it was called and can't find any information

    Bought by me in March 2013 generally poor condition, speedo not working fitted temporary one from an old 110, serviced engine etc chassis rusty, running gear well worn out, but used it for a year. Decided that the rear end of chassis was too far gone to weld so decided to buy new one and refurbish the whole vehicle.

    Taken off the road March 2014 took year to refurbish as I'm disabled and finances are limited. Had to do the work as and when I had saved for the parts, didn't want to skimp on anything. I used the best of everything when rebuilding but got transfer boxes mixed up and used the worn one from old engine but it does the job and I've driven to Birmingham, Yorkshire and Wales without any problems.

    Taken off the road in Feb 2014 for repairs.

    Chassis was too rusty so Purchased new galvanised heavy duty chassis from Richards

    Fitted refurbished bulkhead

    Fitted 200tdi engine with R380 gearbox from Discovery

    Fitted new rear crank seal and heavy duty clutch with hd fork

    Fitted new aluminium radiator and hoses (inc turbo hoses)

    Fitted new steering box

    Fitted all new steering joints and damper

    Fitted new steering column joints

    Fitted new pedal rubbers

    Fitted new 'A' frame ball joint and polybushes

    Fitted Discovery 1 springs all round

    Fitted new shock absorbers all round

    Fitted new master cylinder and all new brake pipes / braided hoses

    Fitted new clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder

    Fitted recon 110 front axle with bigger brake callipers (1992 station waggon)

    Replacement axle has recon front diff.

    Fitted Discovery rear axle with all new disc brakes callipers and oil seals.

    Body reinstated with good doors and all new lights/indicators etc etc

    Fitted Discovery hand brake lever

    New heavy duty battery (100 amp hour)

    Fitted new cam belt and pulleys (plus front crank seal)

    Fitted new Land Rover front seats

    Fitted Triumph Dolomite speedo

    Fitted new door hinges

    Fitted new door seal rubbers

    Plus many more new parts I cant remember (throttle cable etc)

    Passed mot with no problems since then, just wheel it in and it passes.

    Recent work done

    2017 Fitted reconditioned cylinder head, didn't need one I just wanted years of trouble free. (to see me out)

    2017 Fitted new rear prop shaft

    Fitted new water pump (rough bearing)

    Fitted new thermostat

    Fitted new lift pump (Delphi)

    Serviced once a year (every 4000 miles)

    Not so good

    Interior not as good as it should be (loose fuse cover etc) needs tlc

    Dashboard untidy, rough

    Tunnel needs tidying up.

    Needs heater cables (may fix that)

    Transfer box done a lot of miles but still good (low mileage one supplied)

    Paint not showroom condition

    Drivers door top loose (they're military tops but two spare doors supplied)

    Some corrosion on bottom of rear door

    Snorkel not connected up

    Resident spider somewhere


    Braided brake hoses all round

    'X' lock pedal lock (fold down one cost 170 quid)

    Galvanised roof rack and ladder with spotlamps

    Swing away spare wheel carrier

    Front A bar with lamps

    Genuine Wolf Wheels including spare

    Side exit exhaust ( single box system )

    Removable tow bar with electrics

    Air horns

    Inclinometer on dash

    Push button start with cut off switch

    Boost gauge and 12v socket for sat nav etc


    Some parts to convert gearbox to defender type and move stick to right place.

    New fuel tank (left hand)

    Steering guard

    Nearside and offside doors (complete with key)

    Four Rostyle wheels with off road tyres

    Spare gearbox (good)

    Spare transfer box (good)

    Windscreen rubber (new)

    Spare off side wing

    Spare front bumper

    If you are looking for a landy that has everything done then this is not for you, it's a workhorse and has been treated as such, it needs tidying but the base vehicle is very good, galvanised chassis, 200tdi, good strong gearbox, new steering box, great brakes and pulls like a train, needs a good home. Going to best offer by end of April !!
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
  6. landowner

    landowner Well-Known Member

    May 24, 2008
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    Taken today.

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